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The D'ahranal is a governing body of the sylvankind.

The D'ahranal came into existence in the period of time when the sylvans lived in their first great city, Ithnishmyn. The D'ahranal evolved out of a need to collectivize and govern the many academies of arts and disciplines of sylvan society. The D'ahranal served as a means of settling disputes between different schools of thought, and were divided into three groups; the Tyesteron, the Fresiawn, and the Kytawa. The fourth D'ahranal, the Lassaran, was formed during early days of Yuriqen.

Most sylvans choose their affiliation upon their coming of age.

Half-sylvans rarely join a D'ahranal. While it is not expressly forbidden, most half-sylvan children are raised outside of the isolated sylvan societies where the D'ahranals act as governing bodies, so they do not feel the need to belong to one of these groups.

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