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Dark elf
Dark elves.gif
Decay Timer 10 minutes
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 5 min, ×2 on node
Height 5.5' to 6', max 6.5'
Weight 78 to 233 lbs.
Languages Common, Elven, Dark Elven

Dark elves can be distinguished by their sharper features and usually dark brown or black skin color. This anomaly with Dark Elven skin can be attributed to the mana foci in Rhoska-Tor where they were exiled to after the Undead War. They became bitter and resentful of their fair elven counterparts. They felt that their expulsion was more the result of political opportunism than anything else. Even today, Dark Elves are commonly shunned by their fairer brethren in the Elven Nations.

They possess a great love of knowledge and learning, possibly only outmatched by their fairer Illistim brothers. Dark Elves are said to have mastered both spiritual and elemental magic as no other race ever could. Also, Dark Elves are recognized for their striking architecture as the impressive palaces and estates of Ta'Faendryl can demonstrate.

Famous Dark Elves: Daephron Illian, Rythwier Faendryl (father of Chesylcha), Tahlad Faendryl

Did you know? Often times experiments performed by Dark Elven mothers can cause their child to have a lighter pigmentation, accounting for the dozens of light-skinned Dark Elves living in Elanthia today.


Bonuses and Penalties
Strength Constitution Dexterity Agility Discipline Aura Logic Intuition Wisdom Influence
Bonuses 0 -5 +10 +5 -10 +10 0 +5 +5 -5

For statistic growth rates by profession, see List of statistic growth rates#Dark Elf.

Other Characteristics
Spirit Regeneration 1 per 5 min Decay Timer 10 min
Max Health 120 Base Regeneration 1
Weight Factor 0.7767 Encumbrance Factor 0.84
Maneuver Bonus Good Elemental TD -5
Spiritual TD -5 Mental TD 0
Sorcerer TD -5 Poison TD +10
Disease TD +100


House of Faendryl

Once the leaders of the Elves, the Faendryl were cast out of the Elven Empire at the end of the Undead War, for crimes the Elves were unwilling to forgive. Ever the leaders in terms of their mastery over magic, the Faendryl had dabbled in demon summoning. All the Elven houses were appalled at the spells the Faendryl had unleashed. They expressed their outrage by exiling the Faendryl to Rhoska-Tor.

Slowly, the Faendryl began to change. Their features became even finer and sharper. Those living in the deepest caverns, those closest to the ruins of Maelshyve, found their skin darkening to a brown or black.

It was some time later that the Faendryl Elves returned from their exile and founded New Ta'Faendryl. However, they would never again be a part of the great Elven Empire.


First splitting off from the rest of the elves before the formal creation of the Elven Empire and Elven Houses, the Dhe'nar spent generations exiled in Rhoska-Tor. Much like the Faendryl who came to Rhoska-Tor after them, their features and physical stature were forever changed.

The Dhe'nar are a race committed to perfection in all its forms; be it of the mind, the body, or the Family. The honing of a keen mind and intellect is the first goal of all Dhe'nari training, and perfection of the physical is just as important. Above all, however, is the overarching need to bring the Family to new heights, to demand the most from its members, and to insure that strength and rigor is rewarded, rather than punished.

Be advised, the Dhe'nar as a whole have taken conceit to a new level. They are viewed as self-centered egotists who have little compassion for the thoughts, rights or feelings of other cultures and races. Even the Khanshael, with whom they have developed a close relationship, are little more than slaves in their society. These views are likely to make a Dhe'nar unpopular wherever he travels in the company of persons outside of his own culture.

Dhe'nar also have very high expectations for those of their own kind. Members of their Family who fail to meet these expectations may be treated in a very harsh manner, expelled from the Family or murdered.

Other Characteristics

Due to the skill in dark magics that the dark elves possess, and their use of it during the Undead War and in the destruction of Ta'Ashrim, the other elven houses loathe the dark elves. The inns within Ta'Illistim, for example, have magics cast on them that prevent the entrance of an unescorted dark elf, and all shops within Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, and Sylvarraend have severe price hikes for the darker skinned race.

Dark Elves have a bonus to Crafting and a small bonus to Forging.

Race-specific verbs

Verb First Person Third Person
POINT <person>/<creature> You beckon <person> closer with a slow curl of your forefinger. Vanah beckons you closer with a slow curl of her forefinger.
POINT <self> You find you are exceedingly pleased with yourself. Vanah looks exceedingly pleased with herself.
POINT <object> You swiftly run the tip of your forefinger across the <object>. Vanah swiftly runs the tip of her forefinger across <object>.
RAISE EYEBROW You arch a skeptical eyebrow, pondering whether your amusement with the world outweighs your disgust. Vanah arches a skeptical eyebrow as she takes in her surroundings.
RAISE EYEBROW <person> You arch one eyebrow at <person> in an expression of sardonic amusement. Vanah arches one eyebrow at you in an expression of sardonic amusement.
SMIRK You smirk as a haughty expression flits across your face. Vanah smirks as a haughty expression flits across her face.
SMIRK <person> You purse your lips at <person>, your face contorting with a disdainful smirk. Vanah purses her lips at you, her face contorting with a disdainful smirk.
SMIRK <self> You purse your lips in disapproval. Vanah sets her mouth in a thin line of disapproval.
SMIRK <object> Noting the shoddy workmanship of <object>, you turn away with a condescending smirk. Vanah flicks her gaze towards <object>, then turns away with a condescending smirk.
SMIRK <creature> You regard (<creature> with a subtle smirk in a gesture of profound condescension. A subtle smirk tugs at the corners of Vanah's lips as she regards a creature.
STARE<self> You turn your head slightly to the side and stare purposefully off into the distance. Vanah turns her head slightly to the side and stares off into the distance, effectively ignoring her surroundings.
STARE <person> You shoot <person> a prolonged stare, doing your best to unnerve him. Vanah stares at you for what seems like an eternity, doing her best to unnerve you.
Vanah stares unwaveringly at Wyrom.
STARE <creature> You stare incredulously at <creature>, wondering how it has been allowed to remotely be in your presence. Vanah stares incredulously at the a creature.
STARE <object> You stare intently at the <target>, silently noting its position and potential uses. Vanah stares intently at <target> and creases her brow in deep thought.
STEEPLE ANGER You lace your fingers before you, your knuckles turning white as you try to control your rage. Vanah laces her fingers together with barely hidden anger. The pressure she applies to her fingers causes them to turn white.
STEEPLE ARROGANT Grinning arrogantly, you lace your fingers together and square your shoulders in righteous indignation. Grinning arrogantly, Vanah laces her fingers together and squares her shoulders in righteous indignation.
STEEPLE BACK You lace your fingers behind your back and stand at rigid attention. Vanah laces her fingers behind her back and stands at rigid attention.
STEEPLE EVIL You steeple your fingers slowly as a smirk plays across your lips. Vanah steeples her fingers slowly as a smirk plays across her lips. Her eyes narrow into mere slits as she glances around.
STEEPLE HEAD You lace your fingers together and place them behind your head, raising one eyebrow in slight annoyance. Vanah laces her fingers together and places them behind her head, raising one eyebrow in slight annoyance.
STEEPLE LISTEN Tensing your body, you lace your fingers together as you listen quietly. Lacing her fingers together, Vanah's body stiffens as she listens quietly.
STEEPLE PONDER Deep in thought, you lace your fingers before you. Deep in thought, Vanah laces her fingers before her.

{verb} set {standard/culture}


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