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Category: Role-Playing
Topic: Topic Tales of the Old Days in Elanthia
Message #: 1312
Date: Sep 6, 2002 at 09:42
Subject: Re: Darkstone: Who knows its history?

Amerlise's text is largely correct.

This part...

>"Things went wrong however, as both Estrion and Siarl were very draining, even upon this immortal figure."

... is somewhat innacurate. Essentially, the duo bungled the attempt, which caused the flow storm. Sheru abandoned Estrion (who was more his follower than Siarl) in anger, and let him die rather than giving him further aid. Siarl knew that without Sheru's aid they would not succeed, so he made his escape while Estrion was battling the citizens of Wehnimer's.

Estrion has since made two appearances that I remember, as a ghostly figure or presence. He taunted Starsnuffer at the first Ebon's Gate, but I forget what he did the second time. (Or it could have just been that one time.)

What doesn't exist, is a history of Claedesbrim (Darkstone) Castle itself. I never found that info when I rennovated the original area, but I believe it may have been released as part of a Shadow World module and adapted for GS3. Claedesbrim was my second project as an AGM back in uh... 1993. It took nearly a year to complete the creatures and magic altering systems. (The first project was the Shaal shrine, and a shrine to Vaalris which exists today as the Observatory near Ta'Illistim. I'm glad it finally got to see the light of day, nearly 10 years after I originally wrote it.)

There were several GMs that worked on the project, most of whom are now gone.

As far as why the castle was in ruins to begin with, I couldn't hazard a guess. Obviously there was some siege and war that brought it into ruin, but I don't think any reference exists anywhere stating why.