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You see Lord Dartaghan Darkstar the Halfling Wizard.
He appears to be in his 110's, has shoulder length, wavy black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin.
He is wearing a large sack, a dragonseye emerald charm, a shimmering robe of Istarii, a leather strapped fiery staff, a platinum wristlet, a star emerald studded armband engraved with tiny tarts surrounded by arcane runes, a large blue sack, a ruby amulet, a glazed bluestar pin, a tart-shaped ruby-encrusted pin, a rare, magically pulsating Amulet of Power, some Arinyark dragon bracers, a plaited leather headband, a leather knapsack, an ivory-inlaid vultite bracelet with a sparkling gold crescent moon charm dangling from it, a tough leather pouch studded with zephyr hound teeth and tied with a silver chain, a small silvery satchel, an engraved copper ring, a wide mithril belt, a shimmering translucent cloak, and a tiny seashell suspended from a thin silver chain.