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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: We Endure

Author: Dendum

To the Citizens of the Free North,

We Endure.

History has shown that the north breeds strength in the bones of those who inhabit the land. History shows the north breeds honor and fierceness in equal amounts. Most of all, history shows that the north breeds an ability to withstand darkness and overcome.

Do not mistake silence for agreement or withdrawal. There remain those who would not trade Freedom for silver shackles or a good name for a fancy title. The Black Thorns endure because they are born with that northern strength.

The Krolvin are at the gate, but they come seeking aid and with humbleness. They offer partnership and prosperity. They come with meekness, but one wonders what future comes behind them? Does the Krolvin Fisherman and the Krolvin Huntress lay the path for slavery and blood sacrifice? Does a history of grinding other races under their boot mean they can not change? We can not see the future, trust a Wendwillow seeing the future is no certain thing and in that path lies a certain type of madness, they must be watched with caution.

The Turamzyrr are at the gate, they did not come with humbleness but demands. They impose obedience and promise prosperity. They come with honeyed words but one wonders what future comes behind them? Does the Camp Guard and Cartographer lay a path for subjugation and blood sacrifice? Does a history of grinding other races under their boot mean they cannot change? We can not see the future but trust one whose people have been burned by this fire called Turamzyrr they must be watched with caution.

Like the jaw of some massive beast around the throat of its prey threats gather on all sides and we can feel the teeth pierce the flesh of our calm and peace. Yet we endure.

The Reivers, long time neighbors and sometimes allies also feel the bite of Krolvin and Turamzyrr and fracture under that dark pincer. Do not forget the many times they have aided with information and even joined the landing in battle against dark foes. We do not know this Ember Vale, they have no story worth telling as no one saw them in the dark hours assisting, they must have been hiding with the Malwinds when the Krolvin fleet was at the gate, when Talador burned our forest, when witches polluted our woods. However even the Ember Vale has the blood of the North and surely if reason can find a way they will endure. This was their home before it was any others, they have a right and a voice. The Reivers have a right and a voice in the north that predates any krolvin or empire claim.

The Ember Vale must resist the corruption of its shaman who lacks all honor. That way lies darkness and self destruction.

Let those who would threaten the north remember our promise to each other and the north. Justice will be served and the walls of the empire or the fleets of the Krolvin and Turamzyrr alike are not proof against this. Freedom will not be forgotten. We will not trade blood for vengeance but we are not afraid to pay the blood-cost for freedom. Like metal made stronger in the fire, we endure the weight of empire's aggression. The Imperial need for control is so desperate because it is so unnatural, oppression is unnatural to the north and like all unnatural things the body will reject it in time. We endure the theft of the Trollsfangs and Dragonsclaw. We endure the red guard hired with imperial silver. We endure the impotent barbs of dead writers from Solhaven and the broken cannons of dead captains from Tamzyrr.

We endure and in enduring become stronger.

Freedom in the North
Archdruid of the North
The Wind in the Willow