Disarming Kit

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Player locksmiths can visit the local town locksmith shop (or occasionally festival shops) to purchase a disarm kit containing many of the tools needed to disarm trapped boxes via the DISARM verb.


You analyze your locksmith's toolkit and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This locksmith's toolkit is a locksmith's disarming kit, used to store the various implements and tools locksmiths utilize while disarming trapped treasure boxes.  You can BUNDLE MY TOOLKIT WITH MY <SECOND KIT NOUN> to move the the putty, cotton balls, and vials from the second kit into your TOOLKIT, up to a maximum of 100 of each.  You can LOOK IN MY TOOLKIT to see the totals of each.

It may be freely altered, with a long and/or show description, but should remain some kind of relatively small tool kit.

You can tell that the toolkit is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.


Verb First Third
The kit you wish to keep full must be in your right hand.
You transfer 67 lumps of putty from your tool kit to a dark leather locksmith's toolkit.

You transfer 80 cotton balls from your tool kit to a dark leather locksmith's toolkit.

LOOK in toolkit Peering into the locksmith's toolkit, you see a lump of squishy white putty with about 67 pinches left, 100 little balls of cotton, a set of narrow metal grips, a thin metal file and a thick steel needle. N/A

Additional Information

  • A disarming kit can have the noun kit as well as the noun toolkit.
  • None of the items in the kit as usable as a stand-alone tool.
  • Tools can only be used from the kit when it is open.
  • The kit can be inside another container as long as both are open.


The tools in the kit, and their uses, are:

Disarming Kit Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Kit
Alterable Yes
Restrictions Should remain some kind of relatively small tool kit
Item Verbs