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A Disucussion on Wyverns, given by Vaalor Court Bard Kartus at the Valley of Gold
[Valley of Gold, Elven Clearing]
Brightly hued ribbons wind up and down the massive oak tree trunks that encircle the clearing.  Some carved wooden benches are arranged about the area, their surfaces carved with a variety of blooming flowers.  Colorful crystal lanterns hang from varnished poles wrapped with vibrant silk.  You also see a stein of DragonSpine ale, a black-eared red and grey fox that is sleeping, a glowing raffle orb with some stuff on it and a sculpture of ocean waves and sunstone.
Also here: Grandmaster Fortress Defender Sacru who is sitting, Clunk, Lord Niful, Sweetsin, Sir Cryheart, Cimmorina, Katness, Jossarian, Squire Legionnaire Malinya, Mni who is sitting, Beldarran who is sitting, Artans, Raeshya, Sofal, Gannorlac who is sitting, King Qalinor, Lady Kiryna, Dannia, Grand Lord Gnaeusprimus, Falvicar, High Lady Rohese who is sitting, Lady Saphriel who is sitting, Lady Elysia who is sitting, Squire Legionnaire Noak, Akenna who is sitting, Vincien, Vaalor Court Bard Kartus
Obvious paths: west

Beldarran says, "A two-legged dragon, effectively, with wings."

Kartus recites:
    "Correct!  Defined, a Wyvern is a magical, winged, two-legged dragon with a reptilian body and a barbed tail.  They were created by the great drakes as companions in the ages before the Ur-Daemon War."
You see Vaalor Court Bard Kartus Il'Tarq Vaalor the Chronicler.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is shorter than average.  He appears to be very young.  He has silver eyes and tanned skin.  He has shoulder length, well-kept steel grey hair tied at the nape of the neck.  He has a round face, an upturned nose and thin-tipped pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an ivory linen cravat clasped with a circular coat-of-arms, a harp-hung worn leather bookbag, a pocketed crimson baldachin waistcoat lined in dark silk, a gold-buttoned stark white shirt with a crisply pressed collar, some stiffly pleated black trousers with gold piping along the seams, and some mirror finish leather shoes with lacquered lasimor buckles.

Kartus recites:
    "It is pronounced Why-vern"
Kartus says, "For clarity."

You see King Qalinor the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has dark-rimmed green eyes and fair skin.  He has very short, amber hair.  He has a classical nose and narrow pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a simple electrum circlet, a dark gold wool capelet, a dark crimson jacket with a golden wyvern embroidered on the left breast, an eahnor wyvern badge, a crisp golden silk shirt with crimson blazestar cufflinks, a gold-bound crimson silk scabbard decorated with a ferocious eahnor wyvern, a pair of dark crimson slacks with a gold stripe down each leg, and a pair of dark leather boots cuffed at the knee.

Kartus recites:
    "I will be delving into the origins and habits of the species today and sharing some accounts that have not been told in ages.  Much has been lost over the countless years since wyverns first came into being.  It is my endeavor to impart faithfully today what I have gathered from various sources."
Kartus recites:
    "Much of what I have documented comed from long held oral histories from each of the elven houses, while the remainder as been pieced together from a few select religious texts such as Granlith Hammerhand's "Koar: Drake or Fake, A Relgious Treatise."
Beldarran says, "Suggesting Koar may be a fake seems...less than religious."
Gnaeusprimus shrugs noncommittally.
Clunk grunts in agreement.

Kartus recites:
    "The theoloical discussion concerning the differing opinions on whether Koar was, in fact, the last of the Dragonkind or if that was merely a form he chose to maintaion control of the other Arkati is a conversation for another time.  I quote only what records i have found and make no determination either way on the subject."
Kartus recites:
    "In the early days of Elanthia, before the Ur Daemon war, the drakes ruled the lands with undisputed authority. Due to their nature as highly intelligent beings, the drakes constantly sought after intellectual challenge and stimulation. These are the circumstances that led the drakes to create beings capable, at least in theory, of challenging their mental fortitude, and thus wyverns entered the lands."
Kartus recites:
    "Formed in the image of their creators, wyverns possess great mental faculties, being prone to deep philosophical thought patterns accompanied by quick, razor sharp wit. Long did they reside with the drakes, being somewhat less arrogant, though this fact is disputed, than their creators, they served as opponents in great debates regarding all manner of things."

Kartus recites:
    "When the time came that the drakes were no longer the powerhouse of Elanthia, and with the Arkati poised to assume power, Koar, alternatively called the Great Drake**, did issue forth a new purpose unto the wyverns. Translated here into common, it states thus, "Go forth into the lands and watch over the elven people, of whom I am quite fond.""

Kartus recites:
    "Thus began the relationship between elves and the great winged beasts."

	Kartus slowly empties his lungs.

Kartus recites:
    "Upon completion of this lecture, I will be publishing my work complete with references for those of you who wish to study more closely."

Kartus recites:
    "Though in antiquity all of the elven race was closely associated with wyverns, only House Vaalor still maintains at least a semblance of that relationship today. Perhaps this is due to mutual respect between the people of House Vaalor and their guardians. An excerpt from a Vaalorian oral history, as related to me by Vaalor Court Bard Flantio Sindaris, illustrates the relationship:"

Kartus recites:
    "In ages past, after the Ur-Daemon War, the elven families did separate and go their individual ways, founding great Houses from their bloodlines. During these travels, Aradhul Vaalor and his company did encounter a great golden-winged beast in the high mountain passes south and west of present-day Ta'Vaalor. Aradhul did engage the beast, not with arms, but with his wits, talking freely of plants in the environs, places to find fresh water, and events of the distant past. Though innocent in appearance, this was merely a tactic to distract the beast while the company's warriors did take up flanking positions under cover of the surrounding environs."

Raeshya raises an eyebrow.
Speaking to herself, Raeshya says, "Interesting tidbit there."
Beldarran nods at Raeshya.

Kartus recites:
    "Now the great beast, Garsnik, was not deceived, for he was one of the more intelligent of his kind. He was, nonetheless, impressed by the willingness of this mortal to parlay an attempt to gain an advantage, his speed and precision, and his warriors' usage of terrain as a tactical advantage without need for orders. It was at this time that Garsnik chose Aradhul and those of his family to protect saying, "You are a strong and noble people, quick of mind and strong in battle. You have earned my admiration
      I will show you a place you might settle. It is a land rich with grains, fish, and game that you may easily defend against those who come against you, and I will watch over you"

Beldarran says, "As Garsnik fortunately does NOT seem to have observed."
Beldarran chuckles.

Kartus recites:
    "And so it was that Aradhul and his family did safely found Ta'Vaalor upon an island in the Mistydeep River and adopt the golden wyvern as their symbol. The friendship continued between Aradhul and Garnik for many years, and they fought many battles together until the passing of Aradhul. Garsnik lit his friend's funeral pyre with his fiery breath before launching himself into the air and disappearing to the southwest. He was not seen again for many years, and the peoples of House Vaalor presumed he was in mourning."

Cryheart says, "Awww."
Cryheart places a hand over his heart.
Akenna frowns.
Rohese nods somberly.

Kartus recites:
    "The last recorded appearance of Garsnik was in the year 33,711 of House Vaalor, where he was spotted high above the battle of ShadowGuard."
Raeshya slowly empties her lungs.
Mni sighs.
Rohese closes her eyes for a moment.

Kartus recites:
    "There are other tales, of wyverns and the Houses they chose to watch over, of their relationships and what became of them, but those are for another time, and for other historians to tell."
You frown.
Clunk blinks.
Speaking to herself, Raeshya says, "Tragic that."

Kartus recites:
    "Though the Golden wyvern is most widely known, there are in fact, seven documented subspecies of wyvern."
Raeshya cocks her head at Kartus.
Beldarran says, "I always wondered how a bipedal dragon fought - or took prey.  Presumably they need both legs to stand on."
Raeshya ponders.
Gannorlac bites Beldarran!
Speaking to Beldarran, Gannorlac says, "Like that."
Raeshya frowns at Gannorlac.
Rohese wrinkles her nose.
Beldarran says, "It's a little hit-and-miss."
Gannorlac shrugs.
Elysia gazes in amusement at Gannorlac.
Gannorlac says, "That's how I'd do it."
Cryheart says, "Well, they could use their tail to balance."
Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kartus recites:
    "I will list them here as they are noted to documentations
      Golden, White, Blue, Green, Silver, black, and Red."
Beldarran says, "Or to strike."
Beldarran agrees with Cryheart.
Speaking deeply to himself, Clunk says, "Or knock o'ers off they feet."
Clunk glances at Cryheart.
Raeshya agrees with Clunk.
Akenna raises an eyebrow.
Speaking deeply to Cryheart, Clunk says, "Ifn they is tall, that is."
Cryheart nods at Clunk.

Kartus recites:
    "I will briefly touch on the religion and social habits of the the creatures before discussing their appearance and habitat in more depth"
Kartus recites:
    "Having been created by the drakes, and considering themselves above the Arkati, wyvern have no official religion but regard Koar with great respect.  "

Kartus recites:
    "What little is known about the social habits of wyverns is passed down through the Vaalorian relationship with Garsnik. As mentioned above, as a species, their arrogance leaves little room for social relationships, and thus, wyverns are solitary creatures."

Kartus recites:
    "There are several subspecies of wyvern as noted above, each of which favors different environs in which to live. As mentioned above, Garsnik was encountered in the mountainous regions of the eastern half of Elanith. From what I have been able to determine based upon oral histories and one particularly interesting codex, golden wyverns preferred such terrain. Making their home in caves high atop the mountains, they were fond of the surrounding forests. "Being that the beasts' senses were particularly keen, the scent of fresh pine and the glorious fall colors throughout the deciduous trees in the lower elevations did often bring comfort to a solitary existence." "

Kartus recites:
    "According to the codex, Dreena Fleetfoot Vaalor, Conversations with a lesser drake that did not end in death, the author states, "According to Krutgik, a rather small and somewhat sniveling white wyvern, the wyverns split apart soon after creation. Many of the wyvern kind allowed their arrogance to supersede Koar's directive and abandoned the charge he placed upon them to watch over the elven people. Rather, they went their own ways, finding pleasure in numerous areas, each to their choosing"
Kartus recites:
    "Wyvern are great winged beasts, though one would not live long using such a word in address. From various works and oral histories, we know they vary greatly in size and intelligence, yet even the most challenged among them would be as far above elven intelligence as elves are above kobolds. Common traits shared among all subspecies are great leathery wings, sharp talons on powerful legs, and thick, armor-like, scales. Each subspecies is believed to have been "birthed" of an element and thus possessed a mighty breath according to its alignment."

Kartus recites:
    "Each of the various subspecies varied in coloration, a trait believed to be defensive in nature, for each preferred a unique environment and diet. White - The snowy caps of the DragonSpine
      Black - Burrows deep beneath the ground
      Blue - Craggy island peaks along the eastern shore of Elanith
      Green - The vast forest surrounding modern-day Ta'Illistim such as Gyldemar
      Red - Volcanic areas reminiscent of Teras
      and finally Silver and Gold. Gold we know preferred high mountain caves, and little is known of Silver. One interesting snippet suggests, "Silver wyvern do not nest, rather they are like great sharks of the sky, constantly moving and existing solely above the clouds."

Speaking to herself, Raeshya says, "Interesting fact."
Clunk deeply asks, "Like shadows?"
Beldarran says, "Or swifts."
Raeshya agrees with Beldarran.
Falvicar rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Speaking to Beldarran, Raeshya says, "Just that."
Rohese ponders.
Beldarran says, "They must nest somehow though, if they breed at all."
Beldarran says, "Eggs fly so poorly."
Speaking confidently to Cryheart, Falvicar says, "I'll bet my blade will slice right through them."

Kartus recites:
    "As our talk winds down somewhat sooner than expected, we still have to speak on the combat abilities of wyverns, as well as their birth and death."

Speaking to Beldarran, Akenna says, "I'm sure they make an exception to lay eggs."
Beldarran agrees with Akenna.
Malinya furrows her brow.
Gannorlac asks, "Did the wyverns lay eggs or give live birth?"
Gannorlac says, "We haven't got to that part yet."
Akenna grins at Clunk.
Speaking to Gannorlac, Kartus says, "That is an interesting question and one I was not prepared to receive the answer I did."
Speaking to Clunk, Akenna exclaims, "Maybe!  Maybe their eggs are like great boulders!"
Akenna giggles.
Gannorlac raises an eyebrow in Kartus's direction.
Gannorlac says, "We should prepare ourselves then."
Gannorlac shifts his weight.

Kartus recites:
    "Regarding the birth of wyverns, we once again return to oral histories.  Wyverns are created magical beings and therefore not "born" in the sense you or I might know. An oral history of House Vaalor recounts a discussion with Garsnik on the matter, again retold to me by Vaalor Court Bard Flantio Sindaris."

Kartus recites:
    "Quoting the wyvern Garsnik: "I was not born as you know it, but rather created from the thoughts of a Great Drake while Koar watched with anticipation. My coloring is that of the drake that created me. Others were created by various drakes, each to their liking. Among us, there are no male and female  we just are, and only the strongest among us can create others. Apart from myself, I have met no others with the ability. Being that I am lesser than the great drakes, he said with a deliberate sneer, those I create are diminished in size and ability when compared even to myself. Should one of them possess the ability to create others, those too would be diminished further until such time as there will be left none that can create more of my species."

Speaking quietly to Kartus, Falvicar asks, "So...be they from another plane or another world then?"
Falvicar ponders.
Sacru glances at Kartus and rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Rohese raises an eyebrow.

Kartus recites:
    "Continuing the quote: This does not concern me overmuch as I have little use for others of my kind." When pressed on the matter, Garsnik admitted that he had, in fact, created a number of gold wyverns but would comment no further upon their whereabouts."

Akenna gasps, "So, they just manifest from the mere will of another Wyvern?"
Falvicar gazes thoughtfully at his pure white scabbard.
Cryheart says, "That is indeed magical."
Akenna cocks her head.
Speaking to herself, Raeshya says, "Fascinating."
Speaking to Falvicar, Kartus says, "Having not had the opportunity to study on ein the flesh, I am unwilling to postulate on that."
Speaking to Akenna, Kartus says, "That is what we have surmised, yes."
Akenna excitedly responds, "That's so amazing."
Speaking to Kartus, Raeshya says, "And interesting power that, pure creation, worthy of study."
Speaking quietly to Akenna, you say, "It seems similar to how the Drakes are said to have created the Arkati. Sprung forth from thought."
Akenna nods to you.
Beldarran says, "How fortunate that it was given to creatures of an unsocial bent, or we should be neck-deep in them."
Rohese looks lost in thought.
Jossarian chuckles to himself.
Akenna nods in agreement at Beldarran.

Kartus recites:
    "Let us speak on what little is know of their method of combat.  Wyvern are arrogant and easily provoked, which in ancient times led to frequent battles among the various subspecies. From what little has been left to us in oral traditions and a few occasionally dismissed works, it can be surmised that wyvern are quite formidable in battle."

Speaking to Beldarran, Kartus says, "I would counter that it is their high intelligence that may prevent overpopulation as much as their antisocial nature, but that would be pure supposition on my part."

Kartus recites:
    "As told in Beasts of the Wilds: A Field Guide, "The great beast did rise up on high, held aloft by lethargic flaps of its mighty wings, its prey knocked to the ground and held in place by the great wind. With a shrill shriek, the magnificent wyvern dove upon its prey, raking the poor beast with talons comparable in size to a shortened sword. Whereupon, it did exhale a mighty stream of liquid fire that did cook the prey alive, ending its life."

Speaking to Beldarran, Raeshya says, "That answers that, no biting involved."
Beldarran says, "Only think how useful at a barbecue."
Falvicar ponders.

Kartus recites:
    "Sadly, this is the only surviving account we have of a mortal witnessing wyverns in combat.  It is presumed none others survived to share details of the encounter..."

Dannia quietly says, "I would love to witness such an event... from a distance."
Akenna agrees with Dannia.
Beldarran says, "And while taking great care not to look at all edible."
Dannia agrees with Beldarran.
Speaking flatly to Kartus, Sacru inquires, "Can a wyvern be killed?"
Speaking to Sacru, Kartus says, "Death is the finaly subject we will discuss today and it too, is somewhat murky."
Sacru nods understandingly at Kartus.

Kartus recites:
    "Wyverns are not immortal, though their exceedingly long lifespans may cause them to appear so. It is curious to this scholar that no great carcasses have ever been found, nor are there any eye witness accounts of a wyvern's death in any of the multitude of records I have studied."

Dannia quietly says, "...now that is interesting."
Dannia nods at Kartus.
Cryheart nods at Bristenn.
Rohese nods in agreement at Dannia.

Kartus recites:
    "From the experience of Garsnik's relationship with House Vaalor and subsequent disappearance, an inference can be made that when it is time for a wyvern to move on they do so in some remote location. "

Beldarran says, "Perhaps they light themselves on fire with their dying breath, to avoid the indignity of being seen dead."

Kartus recites:
    "This is, an inference only based upon circumstatial evidence at best"

Speaking to Kartus, Raeshya says, "Perhaps kin feel their death and set them ablaze to consume corporal form and preserve mystery and reverence."
Speaking softly to Raeshya, Rohese opines, "What an interesting concept."

Kartus recites:
    "Lasty, other unsubstantiated theories have been put forth over the years such as: Wyverns simply choose to revert in form to the mana from which they were created [6] or Wyverns choose to breathe their last over the vast oceans of Elanthia, thus hiding their numbers by sending their bones to the deep. [7] None of these theories have been thoroughly vetted and are often considered fringe academia at best."

Speaking to Rohese, Raeshya says, "Mystical in nature, would serve them well not to leave behind carcas that would diminish them of their superiority."
Rohese nods in agreement at Raeshya.

Kartus recites:
    "This concludes the presentation of my findings on wyverns.  Though their rarity may cause them to seem mythical or simply a fancy of one's imagination, my research as concluded that the creatures have, and still do, exist."

(quite a lot of people applaud)

Cryheart says, "Thank ye, grand information."
Rohese softly notes, "I have found that fringe academia is often pretty accurate too."
Speaking to Kartus, Raeshya says, "A most thorough lecture."
Beldarran says, "A most fascinating presentation."
Speaking quietly to Kartus, Dannia says, "Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us."
Rohese softly exclaims, "Excellent, thank you!"
Speaking warmly to Rohese, you say, "That was all very interesting."
Cimmorina says, "Thank you for the lesson."
Speaking to Kartus, Raeshya says, "I thoroughly enjoued."

Kartus recites:
    "I will be publishing my findings through official channels immediately following the lecture and will inculde source material"

Speaking respectfully to Kartus, Noak says, "A most interesting topic, thank you for sharing your findings with us."

Kartus recites:
    "Thank you all again for attending"
Speaking to Kartus, Sacru comments, "Most informative."
Speaking softly to you, Rohese exclaims, "Most enlightening!"
You nod in agreement.
Speaking to Kartus, Akenna exclaims, "Thank you!"
Speaking quietly to Kartus, Falvicar says, "I'm most curious if my high steel  blade would have any effect on such a creature."
Gannorlac asks, "Do you happen to know the names of any scholors that might know more about the relationship between the other houses and the wyvern they were close with?"
Speaking to Kartus, Saphriel says, "Thank you for the presentation, my lord."
Kartus says, "Kray Illistim and Ceebar Loenthra were two authors of source material but I cannot verify they are still studying in the field."
Speaking to Kartus, Akenna asks, "Have their been any known sightings of the in the west?"
Akenna cocks her head at Kartus.
Speaking to Akenna, Kartus says, "None documented."
Akenna nods slowly.
Akenna says, "Well..."
Clunk raises his hand.
Clunk fidgets.
Speaking to Akenna, Kartus says, "There were some unsubstatiated reports of smaller wyvern-like creatures spotted over Fearling Pass during the funeral of King Tyrnian but again those are unsubstantiated.."
Akenna nods slowly at Kartus.
Sayilla says, "I had heard tales of the wyvern long past in Illistim, perhaps it is time to search the library for more stories."
Gannorlac stands up.
Sayilla says, "But they are stories told to children before bed."
Clunk fidgets.
Clunk grunts.
Sir Bristenn just went west.
Akenna says, "I think Mister Clunk has a question."
Speaking to Kartus, Qalinor says, "Thank you for your time, and your research.  You have enlightened us upon more than just the creatures."
Qalinor nods at Kartus.
Speaking to Qalinor, Kartus says, "You do me much honor, My Sovereign.  I simply wish to impart knowledge where it has been forgotten."
Speaking softly to Sayilla, Rohese says, "I believe I have some of those storybooks in my library."
Rohese nods in agreement at Sayilla.
Speaking softly to Sayilla, Rohese says, "I remember them as a child."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Kartus says, "Forgive me, when His Majesty speaks, one does not keep him waiting."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Kartus asks, "You had a question?"
Cryheart nods at Rohese.
Speaking to Kartus, Sweetsin says, "I agree."
Speaking to Kartus, Akenna says, "So did Mister Clunk..."
Akenna glances at Clunk.
Kartus says, "I will answer what I can."
Sweetsin asks, "There, Sorry... How do Arkati and wyvern differ in the way they are mad and do they both move to moons when passin?"
Sweetsin clears her throat.
Sweetsin says, "Made, not mad."
Sweetsin says, "So sorry still a little something in my throat."
Sweetsin takes a drink from her Ta'Vaalor shiraz.
Sweetsin looks rather relaxed.
Speaking to Sweetsin, Kartus says, "I did not focus my studies on the Arkati so I cannot say with any certainty how they were created, nor can I speak to the actual mechanisms that bring the wyverns into being from a simple thought.  Without such base of knowledge, I cannot comment upon how they may differ."
Speaking to Kartus, Sweetsin says, "I do hope your theory is wrong, it just seems to joyless when you think of it that way."
Speaking to Sweetsin, Kartus says, "On the contrary, given that it was described by a wyvern, I would not call it a theory."
Sweetsin nods understandingly.
Sweetsin says, "I did not mean any disrespect on your findings."
Sweetsin rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Speaking to Sweetsin, Kartus says, "It is simply unfortunate that our understanding is so much less, as to cause our ability to grasp such a creation to be limited at best."
Sweetsin nods understandingly at Kartus.
Clunk rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Sweetsin says, "Oh we should be going to that."
Clunk raises his hand.
Kartus nods at Clunk.
Speaking to Kartus, Sweetsin says, "Thank you again. I am honored by the sharing of your knowledge."
Cryheart nods at Kartus.
Cryheart says, "Thank ye."
Speaking deeply to Kartus, Clunk asks, "Has any folk seen a livin wyvern?"
Speaking deeply to Kartus, Clunk asks, "Like mebbe a long life elf?"
Clunk peers quizzically at Kartus.
Rohese giggles at Clunk.
Speaking to Clunk, Kartus says, "The court bard I spoke with for my research still lives and spoke with Garsnik."
Clunk nods at Kartus.
Clunk grunts his thanks.
Speaking to Clunk, Kartus says, "So in short, yes, one of the oldest among us has physically seen a wyvern."
Speaking deeply to Kartus, Clunk asks, "Ye think he wuld speak with a dwarf that had seen an Arkati?"
Speaking to Clunk, Kartus says, "Doubtful, but I can ask.  Unfortunately with his great age comes old grievences as well."
Speaking to Clunk, Kartus says, "He is not as accepting of others as those of us today are."
Clunk grunts pensively, deep in thought.
Clunk nods at Kartus.
Clunk grunts his thanks.
Speaking quietly to Kartus, Dannia says, "Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It was very interesting and inspiring to listen."
Clunk deeply says, "Thankya fer listenin to question, and fer all the learnin ye has  shared."
Clunk nods at Dannia.
Clunk grunts in agreement.
Speaking to Clunk, Kartus says, "Thank you for attending."
Kartus says, "Thank you all for coming.  If you will excuse me, I must publish my findings."