Disean Andrews

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He is the son of Sir Thadston Andrews but was raised by his mother, Saraphene, and her new husband Lord Ambrus a Paladin of Koar. Recently, Disean has been appointed by Prelate Chaston Griffin as a new and rising acolyte in the Temple of Koar inside of the capitol of Talador.

Eventually he became enthralled by Prelate Chaston Griffin and because of his connection to Sir Thadston, Chaston converted Disean into one of his Blameless. In the end, Disean fell victim to Raznel who abducted him after the fall of Chaston and his whereabouts are unknown at this time.

For most of 5118, Thadston spent time with Casiphia searching for Disean, and hinted to once having found him but Disean, now twisted by Raznel, used a cursed blade to wound Thadston. Disean is still at large in the service of Raznel.

At one time, Disean had romantic feelings for Casiphia.