Double-strike weapon

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Originally posted by KRAKII 24 January 2005. Updated to article format.

There are at least three different kinds of weapons that will attack twice without needing to train in Multi-Opponent Combat:

1) Coraesine weapons have this capability; they work just like an elemental flare, except the "flare" is an additional swing.

2) "Death" weapons, when swung at their attuned creature (e.g. "a golem deathmace", or "a rat deathdagger", or "a troll deathblade").

3) "a massive stone <hammer, mattock>" have double-strike as one of their flares; note that the "hammer" exists in both 1HCrush and 2Hand versions. Other flares on these weapons are petrification (effectively the same as the Bind spell, but different messaging), and they can be "tap"ped to produce a Quake-like effect.