Dragonspine Mountains

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The Dragonspine Mountains vertically bisect the majority of the continent of Elanith, effectively separating the landmass into The West and the Elven Nations. The dwarven settlement of Zul Logoth rests beneath the mountain range.

From west to east, the route used by adventurers to cross the Dragonspine Mountains begins in the vicinity of the Vipershroud area outside Wehnimer's Landing, progressing from there across the Locksmehr River Ferry and the Locksmehr River Trail, which leads across the Glo'antern Moor and the Dead Plateau to Khazar's Hold. From Khazar's Hold, toll mine carts can be ridden through the mountain tunnels to Zul Logoth, and then to Zhindel's Post. The trail continues eastward from Zhindel's Post via Whistler's Pass and the vicinity of Cysaegir, until meeting with the Sylvarraend Road just outside the gates of Ta'Illistim.

From east to west, travelers begin from the vicinity of the gates of Ta'Illistim, heading west through the vicinity of Cysaegir and through Whistler's Pass to Zhindel's Post, from which toll mine carts can be ridden through the mountain tunnels to Zul Logoth, and then to Khazar's Hold. From Khazar's Hold, one continues westward across the Dead Plateau and Glo'antern Moor to the Locksmehr Trail and Locksmehr River Ferry. After crossing the ferry, the trail continues into the Vipershroud, and from there adventurers would make their way toward Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace, or Solhaven by a variety of routes.

The route is perilous, requiring some skill in Climbing due to the steep ascents and descents near Khazar's Hold and Zhindel's Post, as well as in Perception due to obstacles in the Vipershroud. The total cost of tolls (for the mine carts and the Locksmehr River Ferry) is 2010 per adventurer for a one-way journey, and has to be paid in silver coins. Adventurers below approximately level 20 might find it especially perilous due to the ferocity of creatures along the trail, particularly the centaurs of the Glo'antern Moor.