Dreaven (prime)

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You see Dreaven the Empath. He appears to be a Dark Elf. He is very tall. He appears to be very young. He has brooding deep sable eyes and fair skin. He has long, shiny auburn hair with lighter streaks. He has a straight nose and broad shoulders. He has a salt-stained driftwood pegleg for a leg. He is in good shape. He is holding a jade-inlaid orase runestaff in his right hand. He is wearing a sleeveless ebon leather duster, a deep calico cloth pack, a thick ebon wolf hide bag, a midnight black leather sheath inlaid with cat-shaped spiderweb obsidian, a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking, a set of dark claw-marked leathers, a curved cat claw locket, an etched kitten-shaped pendant, a lapis-eyed silver bat pin, a smooth obsidian ring, an onyx-chained leather loincloth, a pair of sleek black boots with mithril kitten buckles, a smooth blued steel wrist cuff affixed with glass flies, a playful kitten pin, and a pair of onyx cat earrings.

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