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Storyline The Nazhor Chronicles
Gender Female
Race Human

Duvainiel, a human from the land formerly known as Talador, is a known associate of Nazhor. She was working against Elspie with Nazhor because "'e promised if I did wha 'e wanted... 'e'd make it go away.... I'd see mah ma and pa agin." Presumably, her mother and father were killed when Talador was obliterated and turned into the Bleaklands.


As seen on Eoantos/November 28, 5118:

You see Duvainiel.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Talador.
She is of slight height and has barely any meat on her bones.  She appears to be very young.  She has restless melenite-hued eyes and unnaturally pale skin.  She has waist length, tangled multicolored hair twisted into thick, matted locks and interspersed with mismatched beads and ribbons.  She has a gaunt face and a nervous tic.  She has extensive burn scars covering the entire left side of her face.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a fraying black leather choker with rusted steel spikes, a tattered and torn brown leather cloak severely burnt along the hem, a holey doublet bearing a burnt crest of Talador over some forest green laminar armor with splotches of russet and raw umber with a mud-stained yellowish chiton underneath, some bronze-toned deerskin leggings slashed to reveal traces of tan suede, and some timeworn boots of dark sienna leather.

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