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At Face Value

a patchwork-curtained wooden wagon, Room 54, Lich #20297, go wagon

[At Face Value] RNUM: 21432
Vibrant patchwork curtains adorn the single window, the sill lined with little miniatures of different towns that glisten in the moonlight. A ramshackle case is pushed along one side, the wares within neatly arranged despite the chaos of the room. A small table sits in the center of the room, topped with mirrors of different sizes and shapes. A well-used travel trunk sits on the floor near a a purple patchwork partition.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

an emerald-inlaid ruic hand mirror 10000
a spike-handled steel mirror framed with tiny thorns
a polished champleve hand mirror
a cracked twisted wooden mirror
a small oak-framed mirror carved with tiny birds
a petite glass hand mirror

In the Case you see

a sanguine-veined blackened silver spike flippable piercing jewelry 30000
a spiraled electrum ring 30000
a rusted filigree ring 30000
some dainty cloissone rings 30000
a trio of matte steel spikes 30000
a dull silver needle 50000
some tri-tiered vaalin rings 30000

In the Trunk you see

a dull scratched oak comb 20000
a rusted gold tri-pronged haircomb
a petite scrollwork-engraved haircomb
a scarred ash haircomb
a blackened steel-tined comb

Go partition

[At Face Value, Workshop] RNUM: 21433
Mirrors line the back wall of this small room, arranged in a circular pattern around a brightly painted sign. A shelf displaying different beard trimming implements rests above a scarred wooden table that sits in one corner. Some patchwork pillows have been strewn about the floor, the vibrant colors brightening up the space.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

a distinguished fake raven-hued beard pin-worn 5000
a fake gnarly grey beard
a fake ginger beard tied with pretty ribbons
a fake long blonde beard twisted into a multitude of braids