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2015 Inventory

an ivy-cloaked black ash cabin, Room 9, go2 20325

[Cache Cabin]
A flock of lacquered ebonwood chests are strewn around the timeworn room, intensely contrasting against the ashen floor underfoot. At the heart of the space, a wide green amber slab elevates a fauna-intaglio glaes casket littered with prismatic crystals. An eerie pale sheen is cast over a faded driftwood sideboard, falling from an offering of half-melted beeswax candles gathered on the sides. You also see an iron-hinged rowan door.
Obvious exits: out

on the slab you see

some twisted dark petrified wyrmwood 4000
a carmine-shot dragonfire quartz 3000
a crescent of blue petrified thanot 4000
a cream-colored baroque pearl teardrop 3000
a cylinder of sunny green citrine 4000
an ecru-marbled green jade sphere 4000
a branch of gold and ebon coral 4000
a teardrop of lilac petrified haon 4000
a pastel-washed lunar silver moonstone 4000
a vert-sparked titian fire agate 3000

on the sideboard you see

a trio of scored electrum armbands crystal holder arms
an amber-maned bronze lion bracer wrist
a copper-linked faenor oak leaf bracelet wrist
a satin-strung frost opal lavaliere neck-worn

In the casket you see

Spells guessed comparing prices to GS Guide unconfirmed list
a vibrant pumpkin-hued crystal Bravery (211)? 20000
a scintillating rainbow-hued crystal Mass Colors (611)? 18000
a fractured stormy black crystal Strength (509)? 26500
a translucent ghostly white crystal Holy Blade (304)? 13500
a spiral-etched peacock blue crystal Spirit Warding II (107)? 12000
a lustrous oxblood red crystal Lock Pick Enhancement (403)? 10000
a pointy-tipped dark bronze crystal Invisibility (916)? 30000
a radiant citrine-hued crystal Guiding Light (1608)? 19500
a prismatic silvery green crystal Prismatic Guard (905)? 15000
a sharp-edged vermillion crystal Dragonclaw (1209)? 18750
a silver-washed salorisa pink crystal Haste (506)? 13750
an intense sunset purple crystal Natural Colors (601)? 4500

In the chests you see

a thin rope of dark rosewood beads crystal holder neck-worn
a jewel-toned glass butterfly wristcuff wrist
a red-finned dark gold koi pendant neck-worn
a set of spiral-traced mithril armbands arms
[Cache Cabin, Alcove]
The modest backroom area of the cabin is painted a pallid lunar blue hue and is outfitted with a wide glass window, giving the limited space a much larger feel. The weathered room is chiefly empty, save for a stately silver-bound chest that is propped open by a primitive glaes dagger.

in the chest you see

a dark-flecked woven birch basrenne head-worn 40000
an oval-cut carmine fire pearl 4000
a thin bronzed chain seer-stone head-worn 40000
a rich lilac glimaerstone cabochon 4000
a fine-chained twisted vaalin geldaralad head-worn 40000
a sphere of enruned indigo labradorite 4000
a rune-etched polished steel aemikvai head-worn 40000
a triangle of pale snowflake zircon 4000
a tri-stranded rose gold trinette head-worn 40000
a cushion-cut periwinkle diamond 5000
an ornate glossy mithril khazurka head-worn 40000
an ash-swirled ivory cloud agate 4000
a lacquered reed and jute elothrai head-worn 40000
a rose-tinged star ruby shard 4000
a gear-framed mixed metal ferrigem head-worn 40000
an unhewn shadowy violet opal 4000