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2017 Inventory

an indigo monir wagon with high-peaked crystalline windows, [Map Room #], Lich #26455, go monir wagon (Western Slope)

[Fine Tuning]
The layout of the well-lit wagon is simple in design, with an elongated indigo marble case and a glass-faced black coral cabinet placed prominently under opposite windows. High ceilings are softened by sumptuous fabrics that crown the monir walls, the burled wooden panels washed in jewel-toned hues of sapphire and emerald.
Obvious exits: out

In the glass-faced black coral cabinet you see:

a charcoal aspen piccolo with a mother-of-pearl lip plate 25000
a thin white monir piccolo tipped with black coral accents 25000
a fine-grained rowan lysard swept with smoky quartz lampreys 30000
a sinuous ironwood lysard with notched steel finger holes 30000
a gleaming rosewood enshai with an eel-engraved copper bell 30000
a black fel enshai ornamented with a jewel-lipped brass bell 30000
a pair of cloisonne finger cymbals edged with seaweed fronds 25000
some broad-flanged bronze finger cymbals with silken loops 25000
a set of maoral bagpipes sporting a long ora-wrapped chanter 30000
some dusky velvet bagpipes covered in obsidian-beaded lace 30000
a narrow ebony crumhorn encircled with bleached coral bands 30000
a salt-stained teak crumhorn with finely wound bone fittings 30000
a dove grey willow shawm faintly washed in iridescent tones 30000
a polished black ash shawm styled as an open-mouthed eel 30000
a crimson bloodwood flute set with snarls of onyx brambles 20000
a delicate tanik flute layered with hammered silver scales 20000

In the elongated indigo marble case you see:

a willow lyre depicting a coiled pair of opal-eyed drakes 30000
a sugar maple lyre chiseled with unwinding seagrass tendrils 30000
a pear-shaped mandolin fashioned from flawless pale mistwood 30000
an ebonwood mandolin with star-shaped cloud agate inlays 30000
a mahogany and alder harp embraced by strands of spun gold 30000
a dark walnut harp inlaid with curved grey moonstone spirals 30000
a small-bellied cittern painted with a riot of ivory gannets 30000
an inky yew cittern with a detailed bas-relief shipwreck 30000
a bowed linden zither encased by multihued imflass filigree 30000
an aged spruce zither worked in subtle brocatelle designs 30000
a long-necked thanot lute chased with exquisite vaalin filigree 30000
a gently rounded modwir lute with an intricately excised center 30000
a sturdy silver-studded tambourine with raw leather accents 25000
a smooth suede tambourine with a shell-etched copper frame 25000