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Foxfire Manor, Antechamber

a hole in the wall of a partially sunken white stone manor, Room 41, Lich #20178, go hole

[Foxfire Manor, Antechamber] RNUM: 20181
Fetid, cloudy water has consumed the floor of the manor house, rising to devour the first few steps of a carved wooden stairway. The stairs themselves are blocked by a pile of white bricks that have fallen from the collapsed ceiling. All around, the manor's walls creak and groan in protest, as if mourning their own slow death. A pair of warped double doors, long-since stripped of brasswork and jeweled adornment, opens onto the remains of a ballroom to the east.
Obvious exits: none

On the Rack you see

an onyx-edged ora round shield large shield shoulder-worn
a polished mithglin target shield medium shield shoulder-worn
a bronze-rimmed vultite tower shield tower shield shoulder-worn
a flame-etched mithril targe small shield shoulder-worn
[Foxfire Manor, Drowned Walk] RNUM: 20182
The cracked foundation of the manor is evident in the dizzying tilt of the walls in what was once a ballroom. A peacock-shaped chandelier, plucked clean of its crystalline plumage, hangs at an angle from the low ceiling. Its base is scarred from numerous attempts to pry it free. With the floor lost to several feet of water, the path from a set of warped double doors in the west to a huge shattered window of smoked glass in the eastern wall is a series of granite stepping stones.
Obvious exits: none

On the Stand you see

a finespun black silk robe chest-worn
some well-oiled light leather chest-worn
some black and tan full leather chest-worn
some pale grey reinforced leathers chest-worn
some deep green double leathers chest-worn
a darkly stained leather breastplate chest-worn
some darkened cuirbouilli leathers chest-worn
a set of russet studded leather chest-worn
some coal black mithril-studded scalemail chest-worn
a polished argent chain shirt chest-worn
a set of mithril double chainmail chest-worn
a suit of drab ora augmented chainmail chest-worn
a blue-grey vultite hauberk chest-worn
a set of deep black mithril half-plate the half
some gilded mithril platemail chest-worn
an onyx-inlaid blue mithglin breastplate chest-worn
a thick vultite augmented breastplate chest-worn

On the Display you see

a thick green glaes jackblade 152500
a rolaren-cored silvery glaes knife dagger 111250
a glaes-banded dark ironwood quarterstaff 108300
a steel-spiked blued ora yierka-spur 128000
a Saramar-runed silver mithglin skull-crusher war hammer 172500
a silver-veined mithglin longhammer Hammer of Kai 199500
an ecru and ochre vultite fist-scythe 145000
an acid-stained dark mithril slash-fist knuckle-blade 125000
an ora holy water sprinkler morning star 170000
a wavy-bladed white mithglin flamberge 225000
a mottled black invar claidhmore 174500
an ironwood and ora spiked-staff flail 186500
an enruned golden mithglin jitte sai 113250
a dingy ora cestus 115000
a oak-handled silver mithglin hook-knife 121000
a ruic-shafted black mithglin korseke awl-pike 231000
a wire-wrapped mithril skull-piercer crowbill 106300
a rolaren-edged dark ora bisacuta military pick 180500
a gold-tipped crimson mithril tiger-claw 125000
a grey-streaked vultite pilum 126500
a moonstone-set ruic composite bow 204000
a basket-hilted cobalt vultite estoc 155500
a rowan-shafted silvery mithril naginata 1683000
a matte black vultite voulge jeddart-axe 204000
a light grey ora angon spear 111500
a basket-hilted black mithril machera broadsword 180500
a rolaren-edged thick vultite greataxe battle axe 206000
a mithril-cored round glaes mace 167500
a buffed ruic light crossbow 138000
a scuffed and nicked fel club cudgel 107100
an oak-shafted golden vultite warlance lance 162000
a leather-bound bleached orase crook runestaff 245000
a leaf-bladed verdant mithril katar 161500
a leather and black mithril sap blackjack 135500
a scratched leather-wrapped razorpaw 117750
a folded silvery mithril no-dachi twohanded sword 248000
an ora-spiked black paingrip 115750
a translucent crimson glaes warblade falchion 219000
a veniom-hilted azure vultite gladius short sword 139000
a notched thick mithril cutlass scimitar 145000
an ora-barbed twisted leather whip 122500
a basket-hilted mithglin riding sword backsword 167500
a tarnished and dull mithril troll-claw 142500
a set of enruned mithril knuckles knuckle-duster 119500
a gilded mithril scorpion halberd 174000
a rune-carved pale ruic longbow 150000
a nacre-inlaid ruic heavy crossbow 243000
a scratched vultite oncin war mattock 204000
a rune-carved mossbark short bow 135000
a marred and dented ora binnol ball and chain 180500
a gold-hued thick glaes warsword bastard sword 256000
a long mithril pitchfork trident 203000
a translucent black glaes waraxe handaxe 177500
a massive black glaes tetsubo maul 197500

Go window

[Foxfire Manor, Yard] RNUM: 20183
Glass from a huge shattered window glistens from the wet grass of the yard. The parts of the manor's back lawn that have not been drowned by the encroaching bog are lush with overgrown grass and flowering, black-trunked trees, the latter of which have grown into a grove around the ruins of a stone well. Other trees, less cultured and more wild, grow in abundance to the north, fusing into a dense and foreboding wood.
Obvious exits: none

Go rope

[Fusion Sanctum, Locus] RNUM: 23143
Curtains as red as rose petals, darkened by the oppressive damp, swathe the walls of the circular chamber in a display of moldering majesty. The velvet draperies cannot muffle the sounds of trickling water from without, or hide glimpses of a rope leading up out of the depths. They do, however, funnel and enhance the haunting whispers rising from a basin of green liquid at the chamber's center. Silver patterns are etched into the granite floor, spreading outward from the pool in concentric spirals. You also see a braided hemp rope and a robed fusion shaman.
Obvious exits: none