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2016 Inventory

an ironwood wagon, Room 56, Lich #20263, go iron wagon

[The Idle Edge]
The wagon has limited lighting spaced out and focused to shine on a blackened counter and a sturdy rack while keeping most of the area in shadows. A modwir sign sits against the counter half lit by one of the lights overhead. There is a persistent musty smell coming through the curtained door at the back of the wagon.
Obvious exits: out
Beware the wares!
Take a LOOK but they have a pointy end, no getting blood on my floors!

On the sturdy rack you see:

an old short sword short sword 34000
a sturdy invar cutlass scimitar 26500
a faenor whip-blade whip-blade 42250
a main gauche main gauche 10000
a mithril field-axe handaxe 58000
an ora rapier rapier 25000
an imflass katar katar 37500
a razor-sharp pit-knife hook-knife 16500
a razor-sharp backsword backsword 24100