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2016 Inventory

a dark blue stone doorway, This shop moves around, go doorway

Spirit Beasts

[Ilixil's Bestiary, Promenade]
Tiny blue cobalt cages line the walls of the sanctum, their crystal-studded bars infused with a pale violet light. Prismatic reflections from the jewels cut through the lingering shadows of the chamber to reveal a circular dome overhead. Underfoot, a tattered carpet softens the granite tiles of the floor, held in place by a polished stone rack and a shallow stone bowl.

On the polished stone rack you see:

a frosted glass flacon filled with crimson fluid Spirit Beast enhancive Health 23280
an etched glass flacon filled with mauve fluid Accuracy
a clouded glass flacon filled with golden fluid Speed
a warped glass flacon filled with emerald fluid Defense
a beveled glass flacon filled with indigo fluid Power
a spiraled glass flacon filled with violet fluid Insight

In the shallow stone bowl you see:

a rippled clay talisman blank talisman 19400
a colorful clay talisman
a painted clay talisman
a small crystal vial required blood collection tool 3880
a thin silver syringe required blood collection tool 11640