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{| {{prettytable}}
{| {{prettytable}}
|a yellowed horn lysard||rowspan=4|wind instrument||rowspan=4|25000
|a yellowed horn lysard||rowspan=4|horn instrument||rowspan=4|25000
|a smooth curved horn cornett
|a smooth curved horn cornett
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'''Go Opening'''
'''Go Opening'''

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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a moss-covered stone cave, Room 19, Lich ID 19169 (Plat), 20344 (Prime)


[Instrumental Interlude, Cave]
Several musty crates have been pushed to one corner and covered with a mold-ridden cloth. Pockmarks and holes dot the walls, their interiors alive with the gurgle of hidden water flow. The stone floor is blanketed by a thick layer of dust, interrupted only by the passage of unseen vermin. Resting near the cave mouth is a wooden chest, its lid hanging by a single hinge. A stone opening leads deeper into the cave, flanked on both sides by torches stuck into the floor.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: none

In the wooden chest you see

a yellowed horn lysard horn instrument 25000
a smooth curved horn cornett
a gold-banded ironwood crumhorn
a double-reed smooth bone shawm


Go Opening

[Instrumental Interlude, Passage]
The narrow stone passage is lined with several openings. A half-collapsed passage and a twisting side tunnel lead off to either side, while a stone opening and a rusted metal drainpipe stand at each end. The space is dimly lit by stumpy candles resting in sconces that line the stone walls on both sides of the passage. A single high shelf adorns the stone wall, situated above a low table and between two such sconces.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: none

On the high shelf you see

some polished gold finger cymbals percussion instrument 25000
a cat skin and tigerwood tambourine percussion instrument
a set of stained bagpipes instrument

On the low table you see

a gut-stitched hide instrument case with a crude bone toggle beltworn, medium amount 25000
a sinew-laced leather flute case with a roughly hewn latch
a cord-stitched suede mandolin case with an oak toggle latch
an emboidered silk instrument case with a circular latch
a reed-stitched suede horn case latched with a brass toggle
a braided suede strap instrument strap 10000
a bone-studded black leather strap
an embroidered white silk strap
a soft pale spidersilk strap
a wide crimson canvas strap
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As you step into the passage, you immediately fall on your backside and skid down a steep rockslide, only to land on your feet at the bottom.

[Instrumental Interlude, Cavern]
The wall of fallen rocks terminates at a small underground pool. Murky and stagnant, the water smells faintly of rotting meat and sewage. A high stone ceiling rises above the cavern, and patterns of light reflected off the pool dance on its pebbled surface. The large space is illuminated by glowing green florescence in the water. A niche in the wall contains several lumpy shapes. The only way out of this room is a small opening high above the rockslide.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: none

In the niche you see

a bone-ribbed mistwood lute stringed neck instrument 25000
a spiral-carved mahogany cittern
a gold-accented ebonwood mandolin
a pear-shaped smooth maple theorbo
an amber-inlaid tigerwood ayr

You gingerly climb the fallen stones of the rockslide, finally making your way out through the opening.


Go Tunnel

[Instrumental Interlude, Tunnel]
The passage is almost completely dark, only illuminated by the light from the candles that filters in through the mouth of the tunnel. A faint trickle of water can be heard from somewhere in the back of the room, the sound reverberating in the small space. Just within the dim pool of light, a slatted wooden crate rests on its side, its contents threatening to spill out onto the stone floor.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: none

In the wooden crate you see

a polished femur bone flute wind instrument 25000
a thin tibia bone piccolo
a rune-incised silver fife


Go Drainpipe

[Instrumental Interlude, Pipe]
Lit by the candlelight that filters in from the mouth of the drainpipe, the floor is revealed to have long gone dry. The curved metal has begun to rust, revealing the mottled stone and earthen surface underneath. One particular hole in the curved wall gapes like an open mouth in the dim lighting. The other end of the pipe terminates in a landslide of rocks, dirt, and debris.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: none

In the dark hole you see

a silver-edged pearwood zither stringed instrument 25000
a striped tigerwood psaltery
a yellowed bone-armed lyre
a darkly stained walnut dulcimer
a bone-inlaid cherry oak harp