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2015 Inventory

an old crumbling cabin, Room 4, go2 20339

[Ruinic Ruins]
The inside of the shop is no different from the outside. It is rather run down and doesn't appear to be too safe. It does, however, look like an active shop. While there is a generous layer of dust on the ground, there are what appear to be impressions of fresh foot traffic. Some dusty faewood shelves line the back wall, and in the far corner along the same wall there is a small sturdy steel table. A large wooden sign is set on the wall between the shelves and the table for all to see.
Obvious exits: east, out
In the Common language, it reads:

Minor Spirit, Cleric and Ranger rune tattoos are on the shelves.

Minor and Major Elemental rune tattoos are on the table.

To use the rune tattoos, once they are purchased just RUB them.

There is a limit of two rune tattoos that can be worn at one time.

Please look at each parchment to see what magic they hold so you are sure of the one you wish to buy.

There will be no refunds.

The Management.
Rune tattoos

On the table you see

a scrap of red-inked parchment Lock Pick Enhancement (403) 20000
a scrap of green-inked parchment Disarm Enhancement (404) 30000
a scrap of yellow-inked parchment Elemental Blade (411) 25000
a scrap of pink-tinged parchment Sleep (501) 25000
a scrap of orange-tinged parchment Strength (509) 35000
a scrap of onyx-dusted parchment Floating Disk (511) 16000
a scrap of purple-inked parchment Invisibility (916) 25000
a scrap of ruby dusted parchment Elemental Defense I (401) 20000

On the shelves you see

a scrap of green-tinged parchment Preservation (305) 45000
a scrap of tear-stained parchment Bravery (211) 30000
a scrap of blood-stained parchment Unpresence (204) 20000
a scrap of crumpled parchment Spirit Shield (202) 20000
a scrap of aquamarine parchment Water Walking (112) 15000
a scrap of banana yellow parchment Stun Relief (108) 25000
a scrap of tattered parchment Spirit Barrier (102) 2000
a scrap of lime green parchment Spirit Warding I (101) 15000
a scrap of charred parchment Spirit Defense (103) 17500
a scrap of forest green parchment Resist Elements (602) 20000
a scrap of flower-printed parchment Foraging (603) 15000
a scrap of stained parchment Skinning (604) 20000


[Ruinic Ruins - General Goods]
This large and dirty room is covered in a layer of dust and filth everywhere, and the only thing that seems to be untouched is a polished faewood wardrobe. Some rusty steel hooks hang on the wall in the far back of the room. The wooden floor is a maze of warped and bent planks, making the exploration of the room a bit unsafe.
Obvious exits: west

On the hooks you see

a crisp purple silk shirt with silver tassles chest-worn
a floppy green wizard's hat decorated with silver moons head-worn
a purple felt wizard's hat that ends in a sharp point head-worn

In the wardrobe you see

some bright red silk robes that billow at the shoulders robes 8 lbs +15 ench ARMOR 14750
some forest green casting leathers edged with silver scrollwork full leather 13 lbs +20 ench 63000
some darkened casting leathers printed with a golden skull
some storm grey casting leathers embroidered with a trident
some royal purple casting leathers trimmed with yellow stripes
some bright yellow casting leathers stitched with a yellow bird