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2017 Inventory

a coral-encrusted building, [Map Room 55], Lich #26481, go building (HIGH PLATEAU)

[Tricky Treats] RNUM: 26483
Bits of dried seaweed, black coral, and mollusk are still stuck to the walls, and a long counter made from various pieces of driftwood divides the room. Shelving along the walls holds a variety of foodstuffs, while behind the counter is cooking space. Tables, ovens, and stoves are staged behind the counter for the preperation of the wares.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome to Tricky Treats!
We have a variety of special treats that will delight your friends.
Each delightful assortment has its own surprise.
Try them all!

On the counter you see:

some hard candy 100
some assorted taffy 100
a bag of sugar drops 100
a variety of chocolates 100
a small bundle of mints 100
a mix of chews 100
some candied fruits 100
a mixture of licorice 100
a toothpick pin-worn 5