Eastern Harbor

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Eastern Harbor is east of Mist Harbor.

To access the Eastern Harbor, go through the white picket fence all the way east from Gardenia Commons.



Island Armor
Island Arms
Shear Delight - makeup, mirrors, and hairbrushes
The Crystal Lotus - perfume and cologne
The Pious Pelican - clothing, including under armor items, some clerical in nature
Harbor Bistro
Fish Friends
Tillie's Treats - ice cream
The Cobbling Warehouse

Of Interest

Harbor Library
The Eastern Harbor Bath Annex
The Eastern Harbor Beach


For those that enjoy adventure and exploration, there are several islands within the Eastern Harbor's waterways. They are:

Isle of Shells
Black Sands Isle
Isle of Species
Turtle Island
Anemone's Perch (Home of Lady Chisma)
Dawe's Island (self named)
Furryfoot Woad (Home of the Furryfoot Family)
Grishom's Island (self named)
Island Refuge (Home of Akela and Kynan)
The Bliss Isles

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