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The Ebon Gate Auction 2006 was located on Tower Hill in the village of Velathae.


Presented October 28-29, 2006

The auction lasted two days and had a tent with items sold for silvers and a tent for items that were raffled using tokens.


Token Room, Saturday

1 an amber-inlaid mesille short bow ranged, short bow base, 40/200, can load wands into bow to give arrows elemental flares, said to flare on every shot Phyrn
2 an ancient glowbark runestaff one of a series of runestaves
40/310, just over 4x, holds a number of charges, can be used to cast Major Cold, recharges ten charges a day, part of a set that will grow in power when others are near (supposed to have effect similar to Mana Focus)
3 a black silk gown morphing gown, chestworn Venrath
4 a black twill sack stitched with colorful silk wildflowers Contains six red leatherbound foilios and a multilayered ebonwood press - flower press and folios passed, sent to token room on Sunday, won by Kyriele
5 a blackened iron collar 5/10, 2x DB item, has a few “quirks,” neckworn, no pockets, gives a neck wound when worn, no experience for empath who heals the wound Antalya
6 a brass and gold disk inset with a swirling aetherstone generates 1 Chronomage ticket per week to any destination (1 ticket per week total), does not affect Chronomage ticket prices, no information given on keeping and saving tickets Glathial
7 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Dwarven passed
8 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Giantkin passed, sent to Sunday, won by Stay
9 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Dhe’nar-si Merjinia
10 a brilliant silver pavis pin pinworn, no pockets, casts 414 3x/day Samhainne


This data was compiled from a number of sources, including player-run websites only available via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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