Ebon Gate 2018/mini-games prize list

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Lower Tiers

Item Purpose
a pair of crossed rib bones tied with sinew Hair ornament
an indigo wool cape Cloak, holds exceptional amount
some strands of stringy seaweed Hair ornament
a threadbare cloak shoulder worn, holds 120 lbs
a weathered salt-stained jacket embroidered with a faded Ashrim crest shoulder worn, holds 120 lbs
a grainy multicolored sphere a few charges of Mass Blur
a solid silver mockingbird pin several charges Martial Prowess
a coral-tipped pale driftwood wand 40 charges Major Acid
an ordinary silver sigil on a twisted glaes chain Locked, 10 charges of 305, 2 doses to replenish a charge, holy item for Gosaena
a squat pale grey crystal bottle Spellup pills
an indigo-edged silver vellum special spell prep messaging
a silver-edged indigo sheet special spell prep messaging
a hazy indigo note Deepening note, +3 lbs
an indigo leather belt lockpick belt
a silver-threaded aquamarine byssus longcoat cloak, significant amount
some grey sealskin cuirbouilli leathers stamped with a cresting wave leather armor
a flexible fishing rod with tiny seahorses painted on the grip fishing pole
pearl-tipped smoky mistwood wand Wand with Bravery
a laje-bound spinewood wand Wand with 20 charges of Cloak of Shadows, non-rechargeable, cannot duplicate
a bell-hemmed teal silk skirt You can try to PULL, PUSH, WAVE, TURN, STOMP, SPIN, and DANCE the skirt.
a swirling indigo orb 10 Charges of Mass Colors
a silver-eyed elven captain marionette No analyze, no description.
a reddish brown potion 5 sips of Foraging
a spiral-carved lapis bangle bracelet 10 charges of Celerity

Tier 5

Item Purpose
some emerald-toed black leather boots 4x, crit weighted
an ornate black rolaren skull-crusher with a white leather grip 5x, infused with a flaming substance
an onyx-inlaid falchion 5x, infused with a lightning bolt
a black rose-embroidered green chainsil cloth Tier 3 Nalfein Black Rose Deck (Divination Item)
a five-strand pale silver ferroniere Tier 3 Veola Ferroniere

Tier 6

Item Purpose
a platinum-framed vellum card Trap card with 10 black lines on it
a thin piece of paper twisted into a ring shape Permanent Gold Ring Tattoo
a cowl-necked thick ebon robe X6 Robes with very resistant to vacuum
a viridian silk cloth embroidered with tangled black roses Tier 4 Nalfein Black Rose Deck (Divination Item)