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PRELIMINARY PAGE, pending release of information.

The Treasure Trove will be open to hold raffles from noon Eastern time to 2 am Eastern time. There is a raffle every hour. When the item you want to try to win is featured on the shelf, use "a (something) raffle token" to enter. Each token is good for 1 use.

Tokens can be found in pretty much all activities in Ebon Gate.

Look on the shelf for the current raffle item, and on the tray for a preview of items that will be randomly selected for the next raffles. You can INSPECT the items on both surfaces for more information.

The HELP Command is specialized in the Treasure Trove Room to give you Treasure Trove info!

Wiki Page instructions for contributors: Please edit missing information as needed. When there are multiple items, just list it once, and winners can be placed in a comma separated list in the Winner column. (I expect that to be relevant only for SimuCoin Shop items.)


(guess-work until we have the actua item)

a (something) raffle token

You analyze your (something) raffle token and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This token will give you an entry to a Treasure Trove raffle! A raffle token can be used once.

Your silver raffle token is from Ebon Gate/Caligos Isle 5119 (or something) and can only be used for Treasure Trove raffles at that event. In addition, tokens are event-specific and must be used during the event when it was obtained.

[Type HELP when in the Treasure Trove area for more information.]

Raffle Items

* The item on the shelf is the current raffle item.  Items on the tray will be raffled next, selected randomly after the current raffle ends.  Items with no raffle entrants will be removed from raffle circulation and will not return.
* You may enter a raffle as many times as you like, provided you have eligible tokens.  (Raffle tokens obtained from Duskruin Arena may not be used for the Treasure Trove at other events like Ebon Gate.)
* Raffle wins will block the entire household from winning another raffle for (some period of time, waiting for all the info)
* You do not need to be present at the Trove at the time of the Raffle drawing to win.
* You do not need to be logged into GS at the time of the Raffle drawing to win. BUT ...
* You must claim a won raffle item off the rack before you can participate in another raffle.  Failure to pick up won raffle items before the next raffle is drawn will result in a forfeiture of this item. You will be notified several times in monster bold messages if you win. Pick up your wins as soon as you are notified to avoid item loss.
* Raffles will only allow (up to) 50 entrants. (Not sure if this is still going to be a rule, waiting for info)
* Entrants living in free homes (F2P) cannot participate in these raffles.
* [Type HELP for more information.]

A Raffle Item Name The INSPECT info, other info LuckyWinner