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Ebon Gate seashell is a currency that originated at Ebon Gate 2017. Seashells are earned by playing games, like digging. These games are only open to players who have purchased a games pass. Instead of a prize wall, about a dozen shops were set up to take seashells instead of silvers, including about half of the premiering scripted items that year. EG seashells work like other alternate currencies in that they must be REDEEMed in order to use.

Seashell Bucket

As of May 2019 this item is no longer required to manage the applicable alternative currency, it is recommended you do not use one as maintaining the various alternative currencies on your character will prevent any loss via various item loss means. See TICKET (verb) about managing these currencies.

The item to store and breakup blocks of EG seashells is an enameled wooden bucket. These were available from a monolithic limestone walrus statue located on the Caligos Isle pier for 500 EG seashells. The bucket will collect and combine all EG seashells and allow the user to remove any amount desired from the collected amount. RUMMAGing while wearing a bucket will search hands and all open, non-nested containers and add any loose EG seashells to the bucket.

Analyze and Usage

You analyze your wooden bucket and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a scrip pouch designed to combine and hold your seashells.  You can remove a specific number as well.  It can be altered but should remain something that would make sense to hold seashells.

    LOOK [in] MY bucket             - Get the seashells total inside.
    PUT {seashell} [in] MY bucket   - Place and combine your seashells inside the bucket.
    RUMMAGE MY bucket               - Search your open containers for seashells and bundle it into the bucket.
    GET {#} MY bucket               - Get a specific number of seashells from inside.
    TURN MY bucket                  - Remove all remaining seashells inside.

>l in my buc
The wooden bucket contains 6956 seashells.

>get 50 my buck
You reach inside your wooden bucket and pull out 50 seashells.

>put sea in my buc
You tuck some indigo-black seashells into your wooden bucket, bringing the total to 6956.

>rumm my buc
You rummage through your inventory, looking for seashells.  You find 50 new seashells and tuck your findings into your wooden bucket, bringing the total to 7006.