Eiliriel (prime)

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Race [[Dark Elf]]
Culture [[Faendryl]]
Class Emporion, warrior
Profession clothier
Affiliation(s) Faendryl Enclave, Guardians of Sunfist
Demeanor pragmatic, informal, friendly but reserved
Hobbies shopping, economics, amassing weaponry
Likes weapons, clothes, books, jewelry, perfume
Dislikes crowds
[[Category: Dark Elf player characters]] [[Category: Faendryl player characters]]


You see Eiliriel Leilatha Faendryl.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is tall and has a lean, rangy build. She appears to be young. She has large dark eyes and pale skin. She has shoulder length, glossy black hair in thick, disordered curls. She has an oval face, an upturned nose and sharply-curved pointed ears.
She is wearing a tooled leather longcoat, a glossy black hematite crescent symbol, a spiral-inset black leather pack, a bronze-woven alizarin red jacquard corset over an off-the-shoulder cream silk blouse, some thick spiked vultite chain mail, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a sinuously curving silver bracelet set with dark moonstones, a silver-bound pure white jade bracelet, an enruned gold ring, a diagonally hip-slung belt of electrum links, a crimson leather pouch with black braided drawstrings, some ruched dark charcoal leather pants, and a pair of garnet leather ankle-boots laced with black silk.