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Elanthian Vogue is the official publication of The Looking Glass, an established Fashion House and distinguished Meeting Hall Organization in the elven city of Ta'Illistim. Its offices and studio are located in Ailanthus Manor on Whistlers Pass.

Elanthian Vogue is a seasonal fashion magazine made up of many components, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, and "runway". The aim of the publication is to raise awareness and encourage participation in fashion-oriented activities across Elanthia. The first edition was launched in Lormesta, 5118 with the help and support of The TownCrier.

For further information, please contact Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l. Feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions can be submitted using a SUBMISSION FORM. Contributors will receive full credit and a prize bag of goodies if the article is included in future publications.

Published Editions

5118 (Edition No. and Themes) 5119 (Edition No. and Themes)
Edition 1 (Lormesta 5118) - Launch Edition 9 (Lormesta 5119) - Glamour
Duskruin Supplement (Fashanos 5118) Edition 10 (Fashanos 5119) - Love
Edition 2 (Charlatos 5118) - Women Edition 11 (Charlatos 5119) - Handmaidens and Horoscopes
Edition 3 (Ivastaen 5118) - RED Edition 12 (Olaesta 5119) - Pirates
Edition 4 (Lumnea 5118) - Image Edition 13 (Ivastaen 5119) - Travel
Duskruin Supplement (Lumnea 5118) Rumor Woods Supplement (Lumnea 5119)
Edition 5 (Koaratos 5118) - Well-Being Edition 14 (Koaratos 5119) - Summer Is ...
Edition 6 (Imaerasta 5118) - Fashion
EV EXTRA! (Jastatos 5118) - Veola
Edition 7 (Eoantas 5118) - Men
Edition 8 (Eorgaen 5118) - Vogue Gallery
Duskruin Supplement (Eorgaen 5118)