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This Month's Edition

Editor: The Editorial Team in the absence of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l
Artwork: The artist known colloquially as "Tisket"

Editor's Thoughts

The year is almost over and what a year it has been! 5118 has seen continued political and economic unrest on both sides of the Dragon Spine Mountains, the burgeoning role of diplomacy in international relations, the inauguration of two lady mayors, a hectic calendar filled with festivals and social events, and of course, the launch of this publication.

It is not often that we - the team - get the chance to sit and converse with celebrities, but we have been very fortunate to have spent some time during the year with a number of Elanthian luminaries from all walks of life. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read earlier editions and learn more about some of these fascinating individuals.

In this special (fully illustrated) year-end edition, Elanthian Vogue proudly presents its very first Vogue Gallery. The list has been compiled to recognise and reward those in the public eye who embody the spirit of community; those who act with honor and dignity or carry themselves with elegance and grace; something, perhaps, that we could all aspire to in 5119.

As always, don't forget to send us your comments on any of the articles in this month's publication or suggestions for future editions.

Editorial Team

Year in Review

5118 was a year of mixed blessings in the Elven Nations. The second round of Palestra Trials took place in the spring, seeing the newly chosen apprentices being tested for the elite force of Faendryl warriors. Unnatural winter storms lingered over the fortress of Ta'Vaalor for many months whilst the more fortunate city-state of Ta'Illistim enjoyed warmer weather and hosted events in both the Coraesine Forest and Lumnea Meadow.

Things were no quieter on the other side of the Spine. Icemule Trace had to contend with the untimely death of Mayor Nihala Winterberry, as well as the arrival of the Far Market and self-proclaimed Queen Daukhera Darkflorr. Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis was kept busy in court with petitions from all corners of Elanith and the Estorian Alchemist Praxopius Fortney spent the year making waves in the Landing. From creating the violent vigilante Rone, who targeted former Mayor Cruxophim, to abducting militia Marshal Thrayzar, from poisoning the Rook leader, Rysus, to curing the Epochxin that aged Larsya Caulfield, from striking at shady merchant Stephos DeArchon's businesses to kidnapping the ivory mage Ayred, to leading a battle of land and sea against the krolvin on their home turf at Glaoveln, one never knew what would happen with the Alchemist around. Though Fortney is now deceased, discussions will undoubtedly continue over the ramifications of his many deeds.

On a lighter note, Bloodriven Village opened its gates several times during the year to test adventurers’ combat skills in the infamous Duskruin Arena, as well as their fortitude with a shovel or bare hands in the temple ruins and sewers below. The more scholarly were invited to converge at the Needle of Pentas on the Isle of Ornath for the trials of the Rings of Lumnis. Not to be outdone, the Isle of the Four Winds saw the return of a Midsummer Night's Festival, as well as the Carnival of Freaks. And, of course, the Caligots briefly parted the veil of mist over their storm-ravaged isle to once again host the Ebon Gate Festival.

You could be forgiven for finding a cozy fireside and simply hibernating for a few months to recover from all that excitement. If so, be sure to take a few past copies of Elanthian Vogue with you to read!

Vogue Gallery


Dedication to Diplomacy, as portrayed by Tisket

Pictured from left to right: Sir Cryheart Thaxin, Tawariell Andrenae, Lylia Rashere, Rohese Bayvel-Timsh’l Illistim, and Kakoon Arakhor Vaalor

This remarkable portrait depicts more than just five well-known individuals; it represents a symbolic connection of the burgeoning diplomatic union between the Empire in the west and the Elven Nations in the east. It is for their efforts and determination that they are being recognized in the 5118 Vogue Gallery.

Serve with honor, by example and by deed

Sir Cryheart Thaxin

His renowned valor and impressive stature aside, Sir Cryheart epitomizes the virtues of chivalry and humility. During 5118, the Knight Banneret was instrumental in helping to defeat Kragnak, the Krolvin Chieftain, and finding a cure for the Lady Larsya Caulfield. When not troubled with imperial duties, he manages to naturally display many other admirable qualities, especially those defined as the “knightly virtues” of generosity and hope. His philanthropic work with the orphans of the Wellington Home often goes unnoticed and little is said of his gentle and caring nature with those less fortunate than himself. His stated goal for 5119 is to continue to defend the Landing and the Empire when the cause is just and - even though he made no mention of it - continuing his courtship of Athalia Aricia Malwind, daughter of Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis. Perhaps there will be a wedding for us to cover in the New Year!

Words beget resolution and progress

Tawariell Andrenae

Both ladies, Tawariell and Lylia, graced our pages earlier this year in acknowledgement of their well-fought success in the political arena. Tawariell was elected as Mayor of Icemule Trace back in Lumnea and it's safe to say that her first few months in office have not been easy. She has faced criticism from her fellow citizens but, even with the ongoing troubles in the snowy settlement, she has pledged to always put diplomacy before the sword to ensure growth and progression for both herself and the town she loves.

The right words move worlds

Lylia Rashere

Lylia may be slight in build and youthful in appearance but she is not to be underestimated. As diplomatic advisor to the former mayor Cruxophim, she helped to negotiate a tenuous peace between the Rooks of the Landing and the Icewall Bandits of Icemule Trace. As the newly incumbent mayor, she continues to stand by her campaign slogan and being an advocate for bringing the east and west together, as well as retaining strong ties with the far south.

“Diplomacy is a kind of sorcery, an act of will channeled into speech; with it, nothing is beyond our grasp”

Her plans for 5119 are as yet undecided - or at least she is unwilling to make a public statement about them - but it will no doubt involve a commitment to the Faendryl Enclave and House Brigatta. As to whether her name will appear on the ballot papers again, we will have to wait and see!

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance

Rohese Bayvel-Timsh’l Illistim

We couldn't fail to be moved by the ethereal quality of Rohese in the portrait. Unable to join us for the sitting, due to her whereabouts being unknown at this time, we wished to acknowledge her work as Patron of the Displaced and ambassador to the Argent Mirror. When asked, people say of her, "she is kind." Kindness is not always in vogue but, despite the assumed naivety of one so young, our beloved benefactor carries it with a comfortable air. Her tireless work with the Talador refugees and unfailing duty to her monarch has ensured the continued progress of diplomatic relations between Ta’Illistim and Vornavis. We miss her.

For Honor, Pride and Glory

Kakoon Arakhor Vaalor

Whilst Kakoon featured in last month's edition as an exemplar gentleman, he is no less worthy of recognition for his contribution to the diplomatic effort. It has been a busy year for the High Legionnaire with a wedding – who could fail to be enthralled by the beautiful ceremony and aqilorn gown worn by his lovely bride, Qiana - as well as his continued service to the Crimson Legion and unquestionable loyalty to his sovereign, King Qalinor Vaalor.


Contribution to the Arts, as portrayed by Tisket

Pictured from left to right: Luxelle Machtes, Rovvigen Aniket, Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani, Nehor, Lynaera Ariamiel

Spending the day in the company of these engaging individuals was both an honor and a privilege. It was far too short a time to fully experience their remarkable talents but we hope that honoring them in the 5118 Vogue Gallery will encourage you to seek them out and learn more about their chosen art.

All the news that's fit to share

Luxelle Machtes

The beautiful balladeer and instrumentalist, Luxelle, is known far and wide for her musical prowess so it will come as no surprise to learn that she has been included in this year's Vogue Gallery for her contribution to the arts. We challenge anyone to not be moved by her performances or inspired to pick up an instrument and try themselves. Her lyrical talents notwithstanding, she is also the Founder and Publisher of The TownCrier. As if she doesn't have enough to do already with keeping up with this workload in 5119, she has pledged to start chronicling the historic vignettes of the Landing pioneers too. Where does she find the energy!

We cannot choose our fate but we can choose others

Rovvigen Aniket

Rovvigen's story has been one of personal growth and a spiritual journey along the Path to Enlightenment. 5118 has seen him become a Master in the Order of Voln and develop his divination skills within The Order of the Sphere and Scythe to become a highly respected Seer. On hearing about his nomination to the Vogue Gallery, he wished to acknowledge his mentor Mikalmas D’Chavka who taught him about the values of friendship and community service. The year ahead is likely to bring further challenges and growth for this delightful halfling as he establishes a “home” for the Order for the purposes of providing a safe haven for the community, preserving the history of our lands, and offering guidance to those in need. We wish him well!

Harbinger of the Harrows

Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani

Despite her steely gaze and imposing presence, we were privileged to gain a brief insight into Naamit'’s extraordinary year. During a fascinating discussion with this talented artist, not only did she share her most memorable moment with us but also gave us sight of a self-portrait which demonstrates exactly why she was chosen to be included in this year’s Gallery. In her own words ...

"I experienced a self-portrait in the blood of my own sacrifice. As my strength weakened, the imagery faltered into a confused mess of dribbles and smears. The patterns became most intriguing, as each stroke applied would dry slowly and mix with rivulets of an earlier pass to form new channels. Not unlike the veins of the body and quite similar to how one's passing thoughts diverge and get lost, only to have those idle notions reconnect again later on. I cannot fathom a more ecstatic and engrossing journey of self-discovery than painting your own death." A mostly monochromatic painting is laid forth in a confusing mess of umbered alizarin hue. Smears and handprints saturate the unprimed linen canvas, each stroke bereft of rhyme or reason. Runnels of crusted color (or is it dried blood?) descend from the more solid swathes, reconverge and then split again as one channel intersects the next toward the bottom of the artwork. Title: Harbinger of the Harrows (Self-portrait), 5118 Artist: Mistress Naamit DMVMD-Braggiani

In furtherance of her dedication to the arts, next year will see her providing patronage to the Caeruil Atelier fine arts group whereby a lease agreement has been signed for them to use her personal home's gallery for the 5119 season.

Gaze upon him and witness greatness


What can be said of Nehor that he hasn’t already said about himself? The self-proclaimed Lord of Song and Stage was very willing to talk about his eventful year, and what the next has in store. Not one to name drop - probably because he has little interest in hailing any but his own - he blithely discussed his relationship with both the former and current Landing mayors and his efforts to "single-handedly [respark] interest in the Arts among the political class." 5118 saw the gregarious impresario achieve some personal artistic goals in the theatrical world and – if Nehor has anything to do with it - 5119 is likely to prove as equally successful. As he so eloquently puts it ...

"I don't have anything too grandiose in my designs except of course that I shall turn the theatrical world once again on its head and usher in a new era of artistic enlightenment."
Choosing the right gown is sometimes a matter of life and death

Lynaera Ariamiel

Amid the frivolity of the year's dances and festivals, where Lynaera's fashion sense constantly shone through, her most memorable moment was far more prosaic: formal recognition of The TownCrier – for whom she is a correspondent - and the unstinting work of her member colleagues marked a turning point in the her personal development. A key part of this work was her contribution to the arts as theatrical costumier for the organization's staged event. With this success behind her, and her gratitude for all of the opportunities she has since had to participate in and express herself, she plans to travel more in 5119 and hopefully add to her ever-expanding wardrobe.

The Editorial Team would also like to include an honorable mention to Leafiara Autumnwind for her tireless work as a correspondent for The TownCrier. Whilst the charming half-sylvan is no lover of high fashion - or high elves for the matter - she has certainly gained a good amount of attention in a short time. Leafiara made her mark on the 5118 archives with her combat prowess and love of adventure, not forgetting her well-fought candidacy for the office of Landing Mayor. Throughout it all she maintained a sense of decorum and vibrancy and we are sure she will continue to make a similar impression in the year ahead.

With Thanks

In closing, the team would like to thank everyone who has helped us during the year: from writers to artists and those who kindly agreed to be interviewed; this publication wouldn’t be possible without your hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to many more collaborations in 5119 and hope to expand our readership accordingly!

OOC note: A very special thanks to Tisket for her truly amazing artwork. This special illustrated edition would not have been possible without all her input.