Elemental Mana Control

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Since mid-2015 there has been a considerable amount of development with Hot Summer Nights 2015, the Elemental Lore Review, and the Teleportation review.

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The Elemental Mana Control skill serves the same purpose as Spiritual Mana Control and Mental Mana Control; it determines the efficiency with which a player can share mana with other players via SEND (verb). Wizards and sorcerers are the pure professions that benefit the most from EMC, along with bards. The maximum benefit for sharing mana is achieved at twenty-four (24) ranks, though many casters continue to train in it to aid some of their spells, increase the rate of return of their mana, or compensate for another player's low skill. It should be noted that even at maximum efficiency, there is still approximately a 5% loss of mana during the transfer.

This skill directly increases the amount of mana gained per pulse.

  • If this is your primary mana control skill, then you will receive a bonus of one mana per pulse for every ten (10) ranks. For Hybrid (multi-Realm) professions, your "primary" realm for mana control is defined as "that one--of the two of which you are a Hybrid--in which you have the most ranks of Mana Control."
  • If this is your secondary mana control skill--you are a Hybrid (multi-Realm) profession and this is the Realm in which you have fewer ranks of Mana Control--then you will receive a bonus of one (1) mana per pulse for every twenty (20) ranks.

Ranks and Training Costs

Type Square Semi Pure
Profession Rogue Warrior Monk Bard Paladin Ranger Cleric Empath Savant Sorcerer Wizard
Max Ranks Per Level 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 2 3
Training Point Cost 0/10 0/10 0/15 0/5 0/15 0/15 0/12 0/12 - 0/3 0/3

Spells and Abilities Affected by EMC

MANA (verb) (ability)

Determines or helps determine wizard, sorcerer, and bard MANA SPELLUP and MANA PULSE proficiency.

Multicast (ability)

Determines or helps determine wizard, sorcerer, and bard multicast proficiency.

Minor Elemental

  • Elemental Saturation (413) - the target's TD will be reduced by seed 1 of the caster's EMC ranks on the initial cast.
  • Elemental Dispel (417) - the mana cost for removing a spell is reduced by one (1) mana per seventy-five (75) skill bonus in the Elemental Mana Control skill.
  • Mana Focus (418) - adds to success by ranks ÷ 2.

Major Elemental

  • Rapid Fire (515) - reduces the 90 second recovery period by (Ranks/2.2) seconds.
  • Mana Leech (516) - every 15 skill bonus increases recovery rate by +1 mana/min; +1 mana drained from the target for every 10 skill bonus
  • Charge Item (517) - increases charge success rate, reduces charge cost by 1 mana per 5 ranks
  • Cone of Elements (518) - skill bonus determines number of targets affected
  • Temporal Reversion (540) - chance to trigger is increased by 1% per 20 skill bonus from a base of 10%

Wizard Base

  • Tremors (909) - decreases the mana cost of the evoke version from a base of 5 by 1 each at 75 and 150 ranks
  • Enchant (925) - contributes towards the success rate of enchanting, and increases essence absorption. Minimum 26 EMC ranks required to gain essence
  • Familiar Gate (930) - contributes towards the success rate of opening a portal and the number of people who can pass through

Sorcerer Base

  • Mana Disruption (702) - chance to temporarily disable an enhancement spell on a target for 15 seconds (in conjunction with SMC). If the caster has higher EMC, it will attempt to randomly select an elemental spell first
  • Corrupt Essence (703) - open cast version number of additional targets = SMC + EMC (with the higher of the two counting all ranks and the lesser counting half ranks) / 20
  • Balefire (713) - increases the chance that a demon will attack by 2% for each seed 1 of skill bonus.
  • Scroll Infusion (714) - reduces the mana cost of infusing scrolls
  • Dark Catalyst (719) - increases the amount of mana returned
  • Implosion (720) - decreases the cost of focused casts (combined effect with SMC)
  • Ensorcell (735) - EMC is a secondary factor in the success of Ensorcell
  • Planar Shift (740) - adds to success rate
  • Sacrifice (ability) - EMC + SMC skill bonus must be ≥ 102 (24 ranks total) to obtain the full amount of mana from a sacrifice

Scrolls and Magical Items

Characters trained mana controls to gain applicable additional benefits from spells activated by items using Magic Item Use or scrolls using Arcane Symbols will receive full benefits when the spell cast through the item/scroll is a native learned spell to the character's profession, a minor circle spell, or known through a spell knowledge enhancive item. When the spell is a major circle or unknown profession base spell, only half of the pertinent mana control ranks count toward the effect of the spell activated/invoked.