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Posts pertaining to Elemental Wave (410)

Standard Maneuver Roll (2012)

Category: Paladins
Topic: Developer's Corner - Paladins
Message #:
Author: GS4-FINROS
Date: 03/14/2012 12:15 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Might be premature, but I'm Calling it...

Upon further inspection, it seems that 410 does use the standard maneuver roll. The mechanics were updated a while back but the old calculations were left behind, and I didn't read the code carefully enough to realize that they were no longer used.

I apologize for my hasty (and incorrect) answer; it will be another lesson for me to doublecheck my answers when attempting to address a question. That said, I've looked into the matter in more detail, and here's the real answer.

Spells generally don't use the "standard maneuver roll," which is mostly for critters and environmental hazards. Ewave is the rare exception in that regard, and nearly every other spell does something different. The older the spell, the less likely it is that 1606 is taken into account. I will make sure to bring this up with other team members; if a spell is meant to provide maneuver defense, it should probably do so consistently.

That said, both 618 and 1606 are roughly equivalent in the standard maneuver roll, which is used much more broadly. Both spells provide equal defense to non-native casters, and the self-cast bonus in both cases is based on the number of known spells in the professional circle. In practice, rangers will probably have more spells than the equivalent paladin and thus earn the greater bonus, but an equal number of spells will provide an equal bonus.

>Finros, is ewave's aged status why 435 (Major E-Wave) utterly and completely ignores crit padding in armor? Was it just not coded to consider it?

This isn't really the correct location if you intend to pursue the topic further, but 435 does not ignore crit padding. It (intentionally) has an extremely high variability in the base crit rank based on how badly you fail the maneuver roll, which is easy to misinterpret as ignoring crit padding. Coincidentally, just such a result happened to me when I tested it to verify: I got the same result (a rank 3 wound) while wearing unpadded armor and while wearing wondrously padded armor, because I very badly failed the maneuver roll in the second case and only moderately failed it in the first.

Elemental Lore Review (2015)

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Minor Elemental Circle
Message #: 1407
Date: 009/12/2015 04:16 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: ELR - Elemental Waves (410 & 435) Updated!

Hi everybody!

Getting some Air & Water love into today's shipping extravaganza with both 410 and 435! Knock those stupid flying things out of the sky and just flat out make your E-Waves stronger! Yay! Okay, seriously, I'm excited but how long can I keep this going? What do you think?!


At 50 ranks of Elemental Lore, Air these spells are now transformed into a spherical wave which can affect flying targets. In addition, the target's maneuver defense against these spells is now reduced at a linear progression based on Elemental Lore, Water skill.

~ Konacon

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Minor Elemental Circle
Message #: 1419
Date: 009/12/2015 05:38 PM CDT
Subject: HSN: ELR - Elemental Waves (410 & 435) Updated!

> 102 and 140 effect Ewave avoidance?

Ugh, my brains. This is what I get for trying to keep being helpful after the releaseathon. No, they don't. But if they did, those comparisons would hold! Um...

- 20 ranks is a little bit stronger than the benefit provided by Empathic Focus. (This one really does help against E-Wave.)

~ Konacon

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Minor Elemental Circle
Message #: 1430
Date: 009/12/2015 06:30 PM CDT
Subject: HSN: ELR - Elemental Waves (410 & 435) Updated!

> Is every rank impactful towards success (1012 is stated to be that way with air lore, so in theory it is possible) or is it based around cut-offs and truncated remainders?

It is based around cut-offs, but every rank until 40 (When skill starts increasing by 1 per rank) is impactful towards success. After that there are some ranks that will not be impactful. However, I can tell you there is a definite difference in a 40 water-lore rank E-Wave and a 100 water-lore rank E-Wave. There are no diminishing returns to it.

~ Konacon