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|CHE Position= Ambassador
|CHE Position= Ambassador
|MHO Officer= [[Fenog's Regulars]]
|MHO Officer= [[Fenog's Regulars]]
|Officer Title= Officer
|Officer Title= Operations Officer
|MHO Affiliations= [[Clan Jakarta]]
|MHO Affiliations= [[Clan Jakarta]]

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Elgrim Nightreaper (Artist Stormyrain)

Elgrim Nightreaper

pronounced EL-grim

Elgrim Nightreaper
Race Dwarf
Culture Khanshael
Profession Rogue
Religion Follower of Kai
Affiliation(s) Rogue's Guild
Hobbies Smoking, drinking, and crushing skulls
Loyalties Twilight Hall
Best Friend Sagan Necropolis (Rest in peace my old friend)
CHE and MHO Membership
CHE Twilight Hall
CHE Position Ambassador
MHO Officer Fenog's Regulars
Officer Title Operations Officer
MHO Affiliations Clan Jakarta
   "I look back across the years and cannot put in words the friendships made over time. So many souls have been lost to time, may they rest in peace, yet so many more await to be found and befriended. That is the beauty of Elanthia, it never ceases to give birth to wonderful folk." ~Elgrim Nightreaper

Affiliations and Honors

  • Charlatos, in the year 5120 - Present: Officer, Twilight Hall, Ambassador (Previously; Envoy)
  • Olaesta, in the year 5120 - Present: Officer, Fenog's Regulars
  • Lumnea, in the year 5004 - 5020: Officer, Clan Jakarta

Other affiliations:

  • Master of the Order of Voln
  • Defeater of Lock Mastery, may it burn in hellfire for all eternity
  • Full citizen of Wehnimer's Landing


You see Ambassador Elgrim Nightreaper the Officer of Twilight Hall.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Khanshael.
He appears to be in the prime of life. He has bright pale marine blue eyes and smoothly tanned skin. He has nape-length, crimson-tipped anthracite black hair gathered from the temples into a half-ponytail. He has a chiseled, angular face, a gently sloped nose and tiny laugh lines radiating from the outer corners of his eyes. He has a platinum clockwork owl perched on his shoulder.
He has a long-stemmed glossy oak pipe clenched between his teeth, and a crossed main gauche tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a smooth black spidersilk neckpouch suspended from a fine vaalin chain, a well-oiled leather cloak embossed with dwarven runes, a silver-threaded black leather tabard emblazoned with a crimson fist, some matte black enamelled scalemail embellished with intricate crimson filigree, a black silk shirt with three crimson-braided bands encircling the left sleeve, a pair of ashen leather gauntlets, a gold engagement ring, a tasseled and gold-studded black leather sporran, a rugged leather hip pack secured by a fist-shaped vaalin toggle, a crimson and gold tartan kilt clasped with a polished vaalorn chain, and some soft black leather boots.