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Gender Male
Race Lich
Affiliation(s) Horned Cabal


You see Elhambric, a Brother of the Horned Cabal.
He appears to be a Lich.
Elhambric's form wavers and dances, like a shadow cast by a flickering candle.
He is skeletal, with blackened flesh, and appears to have one foot in the grave with the other firmly planted. His eyes are burning blue flames, and he has mottled blue and black skin, the flesh of a thing best long buried. He has flowing, matted moonlit silver hair that pools incongruously about his ruined features. He has a missing nose.
He is holding a black ora and witchwood staff crowned by a skull blotched with chunks of decaying flesh in his right hand.
He is wearing a heavy golden chain inlaid with multitudinous rubies, a voluminous night black robe stitched with writhing sanguine runes, a suit of black ora armor, and a thin urglaes ring.


1 time appearance at Tebon and Cosannie's wedding on 11/7/2020 similar to the River's Rest lich perhaps.