Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl

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Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl was a well known sorceress in the Faendryl Empire. It is believed that she was the first sorcerer ever to breach the veil into another valence. Her initial foray into the chaotic energies between the realms was revolutionary, but as such, was very primitive, and the energies drove her mad. Her brother, Thanris Akeleyn Faendryl, Patriarch XVI of House Faendryl, recognized a growing trend which included his sister, that of pioneering sorcerers losing their sanity. With this in mind, he founded the Elizhabet Mahkra Faendryl Asylum for the Thaumaturgically Unsettled, a safe haven for treatment of such individuals. Elizhabet was the first guest in the asylum named in her honor. She never recovered.

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Yshryth Silvius Faendryl (Grandfather) Thanris Akeleyn Faendryl (Brother)