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{{history table end}}
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==Behind The Scenes==
==Behind the Scenes==
Museum Portrait
Museum Portrait
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<div {{log}}>

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The thirteenth of the dynastic line of Argent Mirrors, Elmelan was the son and only child of Cafainiel Illistim. His reign was cut short at only 57 years for some unknown reason, and the records that followed during the regency of his child daughter were maliciously censored. Elmelan was the first enthroned Argent Mirror to marry a foreigner, a Vaaloran noblewoman named Sinlycha.

There were rumors that the marriage might have been motivated by the need for an alliance with her family, who were known for producing weapons for House Vaalor. While presumably assassinated by the people who assumed power in the interim, or who had motive to hide the truth, it is remarkable that none of the royal advisors or prominent politicians of the time publicly opposed the marriage.

Elmelan Illistim was born in -26,534 Modern Era (22,573 Illistim). He assumed the Peacock Throne in -25,319 Modern Era (23,788 Illistim) and ruled for 57 years, until he was presumably killed, nominally succeeded by his 34 year old daughter Lahrair in -25,262 Modern Era (23,845 Illistim) when he would have been 1,272 years old. Interestingly, Elmelan had three daughters, implying they were almost the same age. Whether Lahrair had a living younger sister is unknown. Being the second daughter, her older sister was presumably killed.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -25,319 Modern Era to -25,262 Modern Era
(23,788 to 23,845 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Cafainiel Illistim Lahrair Illistim

Illistim Bloodline (Illegitimate)
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Cafainiel Illistim (mother)
Lahrair Illistim (daughter)
(two other daughters)

Behind the Scenes

Museum Portrait

[Museum Alerreth, Portraiture]
The art hanging from the copper-veined marble walls is largely portraiture. Each piece is suspended on its own section of white space, leaving even the smallest with a clean border of surround. The greenish color of the patinated arch that leads in and out of the chamber is echoed in a single square tile set into the center of the wooden floor.
Obvious exits: none

>look painting
The wooden panel is painted with oils and is presented as originally designed, frameless. Its color scheme is stark, with a background of black and the subject, a woman, shown from the waist up wearing a great quantity of cloth-of-gold. She also wears a gold circlet around her head and a gold pendant around her neck. Both are set with large pearls. The woman looks slightly to the left with her hands folded in her lap. A long plume rests between her fingers. Under the painting is a small plaque.

>read painting
In the Common language, it reads:
Vaalorian by birth, the lady Sinlycha married Argent Mirror Elmelan during his short time in power. Though rumors at the time indicated that Elmelan married Sinlycha to ally himself with her family, who were in the business of arms production for the Vaalorian military, their marriage was a happy one. They are remembered still for holding the first wedding of an enthroned Argent Mirror to a foreign elf.