Elven Artwork Contest 2017

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To go along with the Ta'Illistim Grand Arts Gala in November of 2017, GM Galene proposed a real-world art contest. The submitted artwork was required to have something to do with the elven race as related to Gemstone IV, with the interpretation and the medium up to the artist.

The deadline was midnight eastern on Sunday, November 5th, 2017. The winners were announced on Tuesday, November 28th.


GM Galene announced there would be 1st and 2nd place winners, and each winning piece would be displayed on the Gemstone IV front page at a future point. The 1st place winner would select two items from the prize list, and the second place winner would select one from those remaining.

The prize list was announced as follows:

  • 750 SimuCoins
  • 2 one-line Feature Alters
  • 2 General Item Alters
  • Custom Title
  • Custom Verb
  • Custom Swear


1st Place

"The Mirror, Alone" by Raelee's player
Artist: player of Raelee
Title: "The Mirror, Alone"
Prize: First Place
Artist Notes:
This is a portrait of the Argent Mirror, Myasara Illistim, taking a moment alone in the morning, away from the court and away from the practiced formality that's so often demanded of her. A dried black rose is tucked away in the pages of her book, the symbol of Laethe and a reminder of her lost love - Caylio. She allows her mind to wander away from her reading, thinking of him while watching the airships dock in the distance and breathing in the scent of the fresh mournblooms..
This was digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop on top of a pencil sketch, with some additional work done in Adobe Illustrator. As a final point of trivia: there are 17 peacock feathers hiding in this portrait.

2nd Place

"Anyway, Here's Wonderwall" by Bristenn's player
Artist: player of Bristenn
Title: "Anyway, Here's Wonderwall"
Prize: Second Place
Artist Notes:
Pencilled, inked, and painted digitally in Paint Tool Sai. The original idea was to convey a more lighthearted scenario of a Vaalorian cataphract courting an elven maiden with the help of his buds. FEASTDAY IS FOR THE BOYS.

Other Entries

Vaalin and Violet Feystone Geldaralad, by MOURNE
Artist: player of Mourne
Title: "Vaalin and Violet Feystone Geldaralad"
Artist Notes:
While I enjoy digital illustration periodically, metal is my primary medium. As such, I chose to create an elven geldaralad out of woven wire and maille. A mixture of fine silver and anodized niobium is my approximation of the pearly white and rainbow sheen of vaalin. The pattern I chose for the suspending chain is a variant of a simple spiral weave, intended to capture both the required 'twisted' nature of the chain in order to be a proper elven geldaralad, as well as present an open and airy aesthetic that would allow me to marry the white silver and rainbow niobium together in such a way that neither became too dominant. Finally, the "feystones" are Swarovski crystal.
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Artist: player of Naamit
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Artist Notes:
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Artist: player of Ordim
Title: This information is not yet available!
Artist Notes:
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The Look, by Regwen
Artist: player of Regwen
Title: "The Look"
Artist Notes:
The colored pencil portrait entitled "The Look" depicts a young elven girl who's daydreams have been interrupted. She is casually dressed in a lavender spider silk tunic and seated near sun lit window in a castle tower. Her hand is gracefully held where her chin recently rested. Her long brunette hair has been swept up into a loose bun, with sunlight causing several stray strands to seemly glow with radiance. She seems to gaze directly at you, her head lightly cocked, one eye slightly quirked and lips pursed as if to say, "Don't you dare draw me". '