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An enchantment usually refers to a magical enhancement to a weapon, armor, or shield that gives it a +5 bonus over its unenchanted counterpart. The +5 bonus would be added directly to the user's attack strength, in the case of an enchanted weapon, or added directly to the user's defensive strength in the case of an enchanted shield or suit of armor.

For example, a basic unenchanted "0x" sword can be bought off-the-shelf in many shops. The same style sword, made of vultite, will be considered "4x" (+20) or equivalent to a basic sword that has been enchanted by a wizard four times.

There are three methods of getting an item enchanted:

  • The wizard spell, Enchant (925) - generally limited to a 7x (+35) enchantment.
  • Special merchant services, which are rare and often have item restrictions, depending on the merchant.
  • The Premium Point system, limited to a 10x (+50) enchantment.

The highest number of enchants available on a standard weapon or armor is 10, for a +50 bonus. There have been cases where a weapon is able to exceed the +50 bonus limit, but those are only temporary (a "flare" type enchantment boost: the weapon is normally a lower, below-limit enchant, but when the weapon flares, it briefly obtains an enchantment that exceeds this limit).

Defensive bonus (DB) items have enchantment values that are added directly to a character's defensive strength, similar to how armor or shield enchantments work. The combined bonus for all DB items worn on one person cannot exceed +50 (10x). DB items are extremely rare and are of an extremely high value.

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