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Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Announcements
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Date: 12/15/2003 11:40:12 PM
Subject: In-game Enchiridion Valentias

Righty-o. Merry Christmas. I give you 12 sleepless hours of my life in the form of code. :P

As there's no real instructions included upon buying, and some of the uses of it are kind of odd, here's the breakdown of the features included with your new volumes.

Overall, any special effects, etc, are only usable by Sorcerers. Any person can obtain one and read all the info within. These items are not attuned indefinitely, but can be personalized by any Sorcerer (and re-personalized).


Point the volume at any demon and it will flip to the page pertaining info on that specific demon. If you see a funny-looking demon, be sure to do this -- you could've stumbled on a new archetype of demon and thus become a part of history as the first one who summoned it! (No, we're not kidding.)

Runestone identification:

If you're just too lazy to look it up or have an inclination to be flashy, drop a demonic runestone on the volume and it'll give you some info on it.

Locking and Unlocking:

If it's not already locked, you can LOCK the volume so that only you can UNLOCK it. When unlocked, any other sorcerer can lock it. While locked, no one else can pick it up save for the original sorcerer who locked it.

Demon Log (as opposed to Yule):

When you wave the volume at a demon you've summoned, the volume will record its short (15/15/15) description on the thirteenth page so you can show it off to your colleagues. You can record up to 10 demons, and can signify which slot you'd like them to go in by NUDGEing the volume.


Tap the volume to bookmark the current page you're on. When opening the book again, it'll open to that page. Tap it again to unbookmark it.

That's about all of its main functions -- there's other fluffy things, which I'll leave you all to discover. For those wondering where they are, they're in the library (not the guild shops) of every sorcerer guild out there. They're also pricey.