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Enhancive items are items which increase various statistics or skills of a character when the item is held or worn. All enhancive items have charges and are not indefinite, but can be recharged through the Adventurer's Guild and only need this service about once every six months. Enhancive items can even grant knowledge of a spell, but these are very rare and generally only found in auctions or special raffles. An item can also be made enhancive via the Premium points system.

Enhancive weapons and armor can be enchanted with the use of an ayveneh pre-tempering potion made by a wizard skilled in Alchemy. The type and bonus of the enhancive item will determine the difficulty of the enchant.

Benefits & Levels

Enhancive item benefits can be seen through the SKILLS or INFO commands. There are 4 levels of enhancive items.

  • Level 1 - Gives a statistic bonus or increases max mana, health, or stamina
  • Level 2 - Increases a skill's bonus
  • Level 3 - Increases stat recovery for mana, spirit, stamina, or health
  • Level 4 - Increases a character's ranks in a given skill


Though there are items that will increase base stat and stat bonus, or skill ranks and skill bonus, the items will stack and obey the base/bonus stat and the skill rank/bonus relationship. That is, if a base stat increases by +2, the stat bonus will increase by +1 (whether by stat growth, enhancive items, or combat maneuvers such as surge of strength).

The behavior is identical for skill ranks and bonus, though the relationship between the two is non-linear. That is, the first 10 ranks of a skill each provide a skill bonus of 5, the following 10 provide 4 each, and so on (a character with 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 ranks in a particular skill will have a skill bonus of 50, 90, 120, 140, or 150, respectively). All following ranks increase the skill bonus by 1. Consider the following character examples:

This non-linearity of the benefits granted by skill rank enhancives is the reason that rank enhancives are more expensive to charge, though with sufficiently high training (40 ranks) in a particular skill, the skill rank and bonus enhancive items provide identical benefits.

Enhancive Limits

Enhancive items can not be used to increase quantities indefinitely, there are hard limits to the bonuses which can be provided by the enhancive system:

It is important to note that these limits do not stack.

Skill bonus and rank items will stack until a combined enhancement of +50 is reached. Similarly, base/bonus stat enhancers will stack until there is a total of +40 to the base statistic. Items which enhance maximum health, stamina, mana, and spirit also stack with the relevant skills and stats towards their enhanced limit. For example, a character with an enhanced constitution score will have increased stamina and health and this contributes towards their limit of +50 to each. The case is similar for harness power and aura for mana and spirit, respectively (note that a character's stats at level 0 contribute towards their mana total rather than their current stats). This is of special interest to those seeking to enhance their max spirit, as it may affect low-spirit penalty thresholds.

In addition, abilities which show an enhanced stat, such as the combat maneuver surge of strength count towards this limit (a character with a base strength enhanced by +40 will see no benefit when using the surge of strength combat maneuver).

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