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Category: Races of Elanthia
Topic: Erithians
Message #: 954
Author: GS4-XYNWEN
Date: 3/20/2009 10:50:24 PM
Subject: Erithi Skyfire

This was also released at HSN 2004 by a GM. I've reviewed it, and I wanted to make sure you knew that this too was obviously intended to be officially released documentation.

In summary, the artform encompasses storytelling punctuated with elaborate pictures made via a fire-cannon of gnomish derivation. Since erithi had contact with other races well before they let themselves be known, this doesn't mean it's a new artform, but could have been generations in the making. It also could have had its origins earlier with their own versions of simpler fireworks and the fire-cannon made it easier. Also, just because it is a released artform does not mean every erithi will enjoy it, consider it art, etc. In short, like the rest, it enhances but does not limit your roleplay choices. ;)

It is obviously an art that can only be done at night when the skies are right for viewing.

The NPC that released this was called Ilithelan. Here's a snippet and example for you:

Ilithelan says, "We much admired the fire cannons of the gnomes."
Ilithelan says, "And asked them to supply us with one of their machines."
Ilithelan says, "Once we acquired one, we put in some innovations of our own."
Ilithelan says, "To create what we consider an Erithian artform."
Ilithelan says, "Combining the spectacle of the fireworks with our own words."
Ilithelan steps to the edge of the precipice and signals to someone below. She turns and faces the crowd.

Ilithelan recites:

"We are Erithi: Born of magic, rent from the skies, and suffused with the colors of this world."

A flare arcs from the cannon with a resounding thunderclap that resounds through earth and bone. Brilliant, unsullied white as it begins its lazy arc through the heavens, the ball of light takes on hue and shape as its movement slows. Like an unfurling scroll, it spreads into a hazy and multicolored image: a small group of people in simple yet vivid-hued clothing hove amidst the stars. Their shining pates and tapered ears distinguish them as Erithi. The image lingers tenuously in the night before beginning to fade away.

Ilithelan recites:

"Whether created by the Grandfather, as some suggest, or wrought by nature's mystic warpings, we appeared in the distant reaches of the northeast. Across the narrow sea only the fallen Ashrim once tamed, we flourished."

Another belching of light and sound erupts from the mouth of the cavern, causing pebbles to shower down the nearby mountainside. The flare elongates into the shape of a sunlit sea dotted with pale ships. The ships fade, and a landmass bubbles forth from the fiery waves, dotted with greenery and rolling mountains. Tiny settlements wink in and out of existence along the coast, disappearing almost as swiftly as they form.