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#redirect [[Erithi culture#Traditions]]
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| subject = Other released Erithi Info
Here are a couple blurbs released during the poetry lecture.
#Wedding bowls: Couples drink from a wedding bowl made of agate at their wedding. The bowl is chosen symbolically and with great care. It can be any kind of [[agate]] other than [[Agate#a chameleon agate|chameleon agate]].
#Hand Gesture: An erithi with an empty hand held still and palm held outwards means they have no hostile intent. Why? The hand is empty (no [[weapon]]) and held still in such a position that no casting gestures could be made. Per the [[Erithian poetry lecture (log)|poetry log]], the erithi NPCs during the [[Red Rot|red rot]] made this gesture frequently.
Both of these tidbits can be considered canon. Not all couples will use a wedding bowl, as not everyone would follow tradition (though most would). Some radicals hanging out over in these lands might even use a different material, but it certainly wouldn't be attributed the symbolic, traditional meanings by any usual erithi. The hand gesture could obviously be used in a ploy by an evil erithi too, a way to put someone at ease. So, don't relax just because someone does it!
#Teasers ([[CCF]]):
You tap a summer agate tea bowl with a lily-and-vines intaglio on a sun tourmaline shelf.<br>
You tap a specter agate wedding bowl on a sun tourmaline shelf.
"The stars go waltzing out in blue and red, And arbitrary blackness gallops in"

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