Evrali (prime)

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Race Half-Elf
Culture Imperial, Seareach
Class merchant
Profession healer/mender
Affiliation(s) Twilight Hall
Demeanor friendly, practical, kind but with a ruthless streak
Habits being social, insomniac wandering
Hobbies fishing, repairing items and people
Soft Spots animals
Likes people, fishing, spicy food
Dislikes cruelty, empty gestures, chivalry
[[Category: Half-Elf player characters]] [[Category: Imperial, Seareach player characters]]


You see Evrali Marchand
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is short and has a small-boned build. She appears to be youthful. She has wide-set dark eyes and pale skin. She has long, tousled dark brown hair. She has an oval face, a straight nose and slightly pointed ears.