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2016, 2017, 2018

an enormous brown and red tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #287, go brown tent

The brown tent is enormous inside, with thick hide walls rising up well over the height of two giantmen. Rows of oversized racks housing large weapons and shields stretch down the center of the area, and a red bear skin curtain provides an exit.
Obvious exits: out

On the racks you see:

a silver-whorled blue vultite mattock mattock 83000
a glossy grey mithril military pick military pick 6600
a razor-sharp black vultite flamberge flamberge 90000
a wicked-edged red mithglin flamberge flamberge 57500
a long-handled black glaes flail flail 46000
a gilt-edged polished steel claidhmore claidhmore 1200
a wide black steel claidhmore claidhmore 1200
a leather-wrapped white vultite greataxe battle axe 85000
a jagged-edged grey vultite battle-axe battle axe 85000
a huge gold-bladed executioner's axe battle axe 85000
a faenor-edged white vultite aegis large shield 50000
a huge iron-banded greatshield tower shield 38500
a mithril-bound glaes kite shield large shield 25000
a silver-studded black mithril pavis tower shield 15000
a polished dark vultite wall shield tower shield 40000
a silver-horned blue mithril greathelm armor accessory; protects head and neck
a gold-horned white mithril greathelm armor accessory; protects head and neck
a gold-inlaid white vultite sledgehammer maul 65000
a massive silvery imflass sledgehammer maul 25000
a hefty ashen vultite war club cudgel 65000
a shadowy black steel katana katana 35000
a sleek red-bladed steel katana katana 35000
a gleaming snow white steel katana katana 35000
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