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a bright green shack, Room 77, Lich #20213, go shack

[Friendly Necessities, Shop]
The interior of this little shack is brightly lit and smells faintly of wet dog. A small caramel-colored dog, surrounded by her little brood of sleeping pups, watches warily from a thick pallet of blankets off in one corner. Along the back wall are a series of shelves and a row of rough-cut oak pegs.
Obvious exits: out

On the Top shelf you see

a tan leather hood 12000
a curved imflass spur 6000
some long oiled leather jesses 12000
a sigil-etched imflass band 6000
some strips of black leather 12000

On the Bottom shelf you see

a fuzzy black toy spider 5000
a fat toy troll king 5000
a golden toy honey badger 5000
a plump toy golem 5000
a small toy baesrukha 5000

On the Middle shelf you see

some ebon cotton-lined paw-wraps 12000
a white leather collar dangling a brass bell 12000
some white-spotted black silk paw-wraps 12000
a pink leather collar centered with a small brass plate 10000
a black leather collar with tiny silver spikes 12000

On the Pegs you see

a dark canvas pouch stitched with clear filament Pocketed:Small
any number of items
a crimson leather pouch centered with a paw-print Pocketed:Small
any number of items
the pouch on your ankle
a deep green feedbag stitched with rawhide Pocketed:Small
any number of items

In the Chest you see

a handful of slimy slugs 500
some fresh chunks of rolton 500
a dead white mouse 500
a skinned medium-sized rabbit 500
some small chunks of venison 500

Go door

[Friendly Necessities, Porch] RNUM: 22499
A thin wooden railing encloses this small porch behind the shack. A fine mesh net has been tacked all around to try and keep out bugs and other unwanted pests that live in the mire. A plump white dog sleeps on an old pillow next to a bright yellow door.
Obvious paths: none