Faeilythe's Fashions

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Faeilythe's Fashions is a boutique shop in Solhaven. It is located in South Haven in a pristine cottage on Tucknotch Place just north of Beacon Circle.

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Entryway]
Pale mistwood walls are polished to a fine sheen, bringing out the deeper grey of the burls and knots of the wood. White-painted oak frames the front double windows and the door, each inset with diamond-paned clear glaes, letting in beams of soft moonlight. Oil lamp torches light a passageway to the north side of the shop, leading out to a garden portico. You also see a gold-edge white parchment sign.


>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
"Gentle people of Solhaven and environs, Samyrle Wyledar -- merchant extraordinaire -- passed along your requests for unique fashions.  Hopefully, I have met and exceeded those wishes."  ~~ Faeilythe

Ensembles (Northwest)

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Ensembles]
White-washed oak furnishings augment the deeper greys of the grainy mistwood walls, and serve to display Faeilythe's gowns and coordinates in fine fashion. Gold sconces filled with tuberose-scented beeswax candles perfume the air and add a touch of illumination at this end of the shop. You also see a white-washed oak armoire, a white-washed oak chest, a neatly-lettered sign, a white-washed oak rack with some stuff on it, a white-washed oak cupboard and a white-washed oak cabinet
Welcome to Faeilythe's Fashions!

An impeccably dressed clerk offers her catalog to browse.
An impeccably dressed clerk gives you a warm smile and a wink when you enter.

  1. a soft grey pearl-buttoned bodice       24. a beige cotton bone-buttoned shirt
  2. a dark brown maoral-buttoned bodice     25. a pink lace shell-buttoned shirt
  3. a pale jade ivy-stitched bodice         26. a white linen opal-buttoned shirt
  4. a gossamer sea shell-patterned bodice   27. a grey silk pearl-buttoned shirt
  5. an amber ora-chased bodice              28. a pearl grey brocaded split skirt
  6. a deep blue sea glass-beaded bodice     29. a dark brown twill split skirt
  7. a sand-hued front-laced bodice          30. a pale jade cotton split skirt
  8. a shell pink back-laced bodice          31. an amber chambray split skirt
  9. a sea-foam silver-laced bodice          32. a deep blue linen split skirt
  10. a sunset red gold-laced bodice         33. a sand-hued wool split skirt
  11. some rolled-up storm grey pants        34. a shell pink velvet split skirt
  12. some rolled-up rich brown pants        35. a sea-foam satin split skirt
  13. some rolled-up dark jade pants         36. a sunset red silk split skirt
  14. some rolled-up muted amber pants       37. a jade sleeveless wool gown
  15. some rolled-up deep blue pants         38. an amber sleeveless silk gown
  16. some rolled-up sand-hued pants         39. a storm grey sleeveless wool gown
  17. some rolled-up shell pink pants        40. a deep brown sleeveless silk gown
  18. some rolled-up sea-foam white pants    41. a silk sea shell-patterned gown
  19. some rolled-up sunset red pants        42. a deep sea blue sheer gossamer gown
  20. a red velvet ruby-buttoned shirt       43. a sand-hued spidersilk lace gown
  21. a brown doeskin twig-buttoned shirt    44. a shell-pink brocaded satin gown
  22. a jade twill onyx-buttoned shirt       45. a sea-foam white velvet gown
  23. a blue satin glaes-buttoned shirt      46. a sunset red watered silk gown

Cloaks (Southwest)

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Cloaks]
Diamond-paned glaes windows afford a view of the quiet evening street, and the rare passersby stopping to gaze at the wares arranged here. Garments have been arranged on a variety of displays, some draped with accessories for that extra flair. You also see a gold clothing rack with some stuff on it, a set of white oak cloak hooks with some stuff on it and a mistwood armoire.
Welcome to Faeilythe's Fashions!

An impeccably dressed clerk offers her catalog to browse.
An impeccably dressed clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a sea-foam white gossamer shawl          16. an ora-clasped amber chambray cloak
  2. a lace-edged grey woven shawl            17. a silk sea shell-patterned cloak
  3. an ivy-stitched jade spidersilk shawl    18. an ivy-stitched jade spidersilk cloak
  4. a silk sea shell-patterned shawl         19. a twig-buttoned brown twill cloak
  5. a shell pink fringed lace shawl          20. a lace-edged grey linen cloak
  6. an ora-laced amber velvet doublet        21. a dark jade sailcloth jacket
  7. a twig-buttoned brown doeskin doublet    22. a deep sea blue sailcloth jacket
  8. a deep blue sea glass-buttoned doublet   23. a sunset red sailcloth jacket
  9. a sand-hued tailored linen doublet       24. a shell pink sailcloth jacket
  10. a sunset red boiled wool doublet        25. a storm grey oilskin jacket
  11. a sunset red watered silk cloak         26. a dark brown oilskin jacket
  12. a sea-foam white satin cloak            27. an amber oilskin jacket
  13. a shell pink crushed velvet cloak       28. a sand-hued oilskin jacket
  14. a sand-hued light wool cloak            29. a sea-foam white oilskin jacket
  15. a deep blue sea glass-buttoned cloak 

Trinkets (Northeast)

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Trinkets]
Crystal clear displays, cases and counters, their sides done in a diamond pattern that matches the front shop windows, contain a variety of trinkets and other accessories to make your wardrobe complete. A gold velvet curtain blocks the entrance into a private back room.
Welcome to Faeilythe's Fashions!

An impeccably dressed clerk offers her catalog to browse.
An impeccably dressed clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a verdigried copper wedding band       15. a blue-banded coquina shell armband
  2. an etched bronze wedding band          16. an iridescent tempest shell armband
  3. a twisted vaalin wedding band          17. a sea glass and sea shell-set armband
  4. a braided silver wedding band          18. a gold treasure chest pin
  5. a bleached driftwood band              19. a silver sailing ship pin
  6. a frosted blue sea glass band          20. an opal sand castle pin
  7. a silver abalone shell band            21. a ruby sand crab pin
  8. a thin red abalone shell band          22. a green emerald trident pin
  9. a carved green abalone shell band      23. a red coral flying fish hair-pin
  10. a striated abalone shell band         24. a tiny silver dolphin hair-pin
  11. a leopard cowrie shell armband        25. an iridescent glaes jellyfish hair-pin
  12. a gold triton shell armband           26. a brown zircon sea horse hair-pin
  13. a checkered chiton shell armband      27. a yellow topaz sea anemone hair-pin
  14. a pink-banded coquina shell armband

Footwear (Southeast)

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Footwear]
Left slightly ajar, the paned double window allows the fragrant scent of the wisteria framing the cottage to drift in on the balmy night air. Moonlight softly illuminates the fine fashions displayed, to a background of soft music and merry laughter heard on the gentle wind. You also see a white oak boot rack with some stuff on it, a set of mistwood sandal hooks with some stuff on it and a solid gold shoe tree with some stuff on it.
  1. some sunset red velvet slippers        15. some top-laced amber doeskin boots
  2. some sea-foam white silk slippers      16. some buckled blue leather boots
  3. some shell pink satin slippers         17. some side-laced pink puma hide boots
  4. some sea shell-patterned slippers      18. some calf-high sea-foam velvet boots
  5. some pale jade spidersilk slippers     19. some thigh-high sunset red silk boots
  6. some sand-hued heavy canvas shoes      20. some ankle-high brown leather boots
  7. some deep blue leather shoes           21. some woven grey canvas sandals
  8. some amber thick chambray shoes        22. some calf-laced brown leather sandals
  9. some dark brown oilskin shoes          23. some pale jade criss-cross tie sandals
  10. some storm grey leather shoes         24. some deep blue glaes-buckled sandals
  11. some ruby-set grey velvet boots       25. some shell-set pink leather sandals
  12. some cuffed brown leather boots       26. some ankle-tied white silk sandals
  13. some jade sea shell-set silk boots    27. some thin-laced red leather sandals
  14. some soft amber ora-clasped sandals 

Portico (North)

[Faeilythe's Fashions, Portico]
Limestone has been carved into rectangular blocks and stacked to enclose this garden, with several small arched openings set about mid-height into the walls. Each of the cut-out niches holds a lush flowering plant and affords a tiny glimpse beyond, into the back alley and yards of neighboring buildings. Several mistwood columns support a latticework covering overhead, from which drapes thick clusters of fragrant wisteria, and which patterns the slate patio with a moonlit checkerboard. You also see a round mistwood table with some stuff on it and a cushioned white oak chaise.

On the mistwood table: a stein of bitter hops ale, a goblet of Vornavis white wine, a wedge of chocolate fudge cake, a slice of apricot nut bread, an iced ginger cookie