Faendryl Roulette

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Faendryl Roulette is an event hosted by The Faendryl Enclave at various times over the years. It is essentially a tea party, but with a twist.

The Game

This is a rather simple game. The host brews up some tea and fills a number of matching tea cups up, usually set on a table. The host then pours a paralytic poison into at least 1 of the tea cups. The participants, when directed to, then drink. Please drink all of your tea each round! The participant who ends up on the ground in agonizing pain and unable to move is out. Rounds continue until only one person is left standing.


Due to the limited amount of tea, teacups, and poison, participation is limited. Generally 10-15 players are allowed. Each game can take a while, so if you do wish to participate, please make sure you have at least an hour of time.

The Prize

The main prize is that I, the host, gets to watch numerous people intentionally poison themselves. However, in order to get people to keep entertaining me, there is a prize at the end for the winner, usually in the form of a trophy and/or cash prize.