Faith's Clarity (1603)

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Faith's Clarity (1603)
Mnemonic [CLARITY]
Duration 30 sec
Utility Magic  
Subtype Reduces Armor Hindrance 
Availability Self-cast 
Paladin Base Spells
Mantle of Faith (1601) Defensive
Pious Trial (1602) Attack
Faith's Clarity (1603) Utility
Consecrate (1604) Utility
Arm of the Arkati (1605) Offensive
Dauntless (1606) Offensive
Rejuvenation (1607) Utility
Beacon of Courage (1608) Offensive
Divine Shield (1609) Defensive
Higher Vision (1610) Defensive
Patron's Blessing (1611) Defensive
Champion's Might (1612) Offensive
Guard the Meek (1613) Defensive
Aura of the Arkati (1614) Attack
Divine Strike (1615) Attack
Vigor (1616) Utility
Zealot (1617) Offensive
Crusade (1618) Offensive
Faith Shield (1619) Defensive
Aid the Fallen (1620) Utility
Sanctify (1625) Offensive
Judgment (1630) Attack
Divine Intervention (1635) Utility
Divine Word (1640) Utility
Divine Incarnation (1650) Utility

Faith's Clarity will reduce spell hindrance for the armor worn by the paladin.

The Paladin's faith is said to have the power to lift the burden from her shoulders. When cast, this spell calls upon divine influence to improve the center of focus for spell casting, effectively reducing the potential hindrance any armor she wears might impose.

There is a 5% hindrance removal from the base hindrance of the armor when casting spiritual sphere spells (Minor Spiritual, Major Spiritual, Cleric Base, Paladin Base, Ranger Base).

This benefit stacks when used with the paladin's Armored fluidity armor specialization.

Lore bonus

Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning further reduces the armor type's base hindrance by an additional 1% per 3 ranks, to a maximum of an additional 5% at 15 ranks. This lore bonus is only applied when the spell is self-cast by a Paladin.

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