Fallen from Faith

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Fallen from Faith (2019 - ONGOING)

18 Charlatos:

A brief sanding of the parchment and she was ready to send it to the cleric for delivery. She glanced over the wording once more.

"Lord Murchadha,

As the snow has thawed with the onset of Spring and the passage has been clear for several weeks now, a delegate from the Landing made their way to the frozen north a week ago. The Faire of the North provided a suitable reason to be present and allowed a brief investigation into the rumors of undead activity in the area. It is unfortunate that you were not reachable to attend with the delegation, but I seek to share our information with you as you brought us the first concerns.

Rumors of a woman named Seika abound in the north, with discussion at the local taverns and among the guard that she seeks an army to bring upon her father who it is said lingers in the Landing on occasion. This is cause for alert, of course, and so the delegation is making their way back to the Landing to help prepare for the possible arrival of this vengeful woman.

We expect her to arrive this week's end, this Feastday, under cover of night. Having reached out to the Order of Voln, we are expecting to have support from the Shield and Sickle and would like to know if we can count on the Militia as well. My guard will be present of course, but should this provide to be needed, we would like to count on your support.

I hope to hear from you soon.

~Oreena Januth"

The parchment was folded and sealed with the mark of Moot Hall, then sent to the clerk to deliver with haste to the Murchadha manor.

23 Charlatos:

Jaynon Murchadha, Commander of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia, has called to arms all members of the Militia and gathered any volunteers to stand against the undead army approaching Wehnimer's Landing that being led by a woman, calling herself Seika. Defenders are instructed to man the north and west gates and to man the ballista located atop the east and west towers. As everyone makes final preparations to repel the undead army, a gravely wounded scout manages to make it back to the north gate and informs those assembled there that undead are making their way

A tremendous crashing roar is heard in town and scouts report that a massive avalanche fell upon the undead army as it made its way through the trail leading from Wehnimer's Landing to Icemule Trace. Roughly half of the undead army is buried by the avalanche and defenders relax a little at this stroke of good luck. Feeling emboldened, the Militia forces make their way to the Abandoned Inn located in the Upper Trollfang Forest and meet the first wave of the undead army before it reaches Wehnimer's Landing.