Fasthr K'Tafali

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Fasthr K'Tafali was a Giantman and the founder and first Grandmaster of the Order of Voln.[1]

K'Tafali was a manor lord in the area surrounding the Kannalan city of Kedshold in the time period around 4045. After the collapse of the Kannalan Empire in 3961, K'Tafali and his warriors took up the responsibility of defending the region from the attacks of the undead.

In accordance to a loresong attached to an amulet associated with the Order of Voln, Voln appeared to K'Tafali and instructed him and his followers in the knowledge that became the foundation for the Order.

K'Tafali was also responsible for the creation of Fasthr's Reward, a protective spell in the Minor Spiritual circle.

Fasthr's Lance

Fasthr's Lance, a Voln outpost in Solhaven, was built in 5108 and named after K'Tafali. The land was given to the Order of Voln due to a deal brokered by Lord Paidreg Venquinor, after Eonak's Temple had fallen into disrepair and was abandoned by the Order of Steel.

Behind the Scenes

The Order of Vult (Voln) was created late in the I.C.E. Age and the meaning of its origin story has been retconned by the modern history. Fasthr k'Tafali is an insulting play on words. Faal is the Erlini word for "head", where K'ta- is Iruaric for "lord of half-", making "k'Tafali" mean "lord of the half-heads." Similarly, "kefáli" itself is the Greek word for "head", descending from the ancient Greek word for "little head." Fasthr itself could be based on a term such as "fasthet" implying solid or hard headed in this context. These kinds of word games were done elsewhere around then such as with Shadow Valley.


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