Father Thombe

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Father Thombe

Father Thombe
Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race unknown
Status Alive
Alias/Title a hollow-eyed shambling clergyman
Affiliation(s) Ghezresh


Clothed from head to toe in layers of gauzy silver linen, the clergyman has hollow eyes encircled with dark rings and appears to be an elder of elven descent.  His feet are bare and dirty, his hands are too, and the nails are bitten to the quick.  He seems melancholy, as if something is haunting him.


  • Bringing his hands before him, the clergyman blesses himself by drawing a circle on his brow and bowing in the mist.
  • The clergyman gazes upward and says, "Praise be."
  • "Do not fear the mists," the clergyman preaches. "For there is Salvation in their folds, grace in their movement, and comfort in their presence."
  • Worrying at his hands, the clergyman eyes some nearby frigatebirds suspiciously for several moments but remains silent.